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The professional and personal profile for Tapiwa Zuze (

Professional Exposure:
Tapiwa Zuze is a Graduate Accountant from the University of Zimbabwe. He went on to enroll with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (London, UK); and he has also obtained the Airline Finance and Accounting Management qualification with the International Air Transport Association (Montreal, Canada), as well as the Train-The-Trainer qualification with Management Training Bureau (Harare, Zimbabwe). Tapiwa has been employed as an Aviation Accountant since February 2008, specialising more in Management Accounting, Strategy Formulation and Implementation. He has vast experience in using the SAP Accounting System; working more in the Controlling (CO) module, and partially in Financial Accounting (FI) and Materials Management (MM) modules. Tapiwa has also accumulated valuable experience in the use of Office Automation Packages such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Leadership Exposure:
Tapiwa Zuze is an Administrator by calling; and an Accountant by profession. He is an esteemed bible-believing Minister of The Word, Conference Speaker, Author of various leadership books and articles, a Blogger on vast administrative, accounting and leadership topics. Tapiwa has a rich trail of leadership accomplishments dating back to 2004; which have transcended the ordinary boundaries of administration to become an Administrator Extraordinary™. Due to his administrative prowess in his professional career; Tapiwa has travelled to many countries in the world; which include France, Netherlands, Ghana, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Zambia, Mozambique, South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, China and United Arab Emirates; either on corporate assignments or country representation.

Ministry Exposure:
Tapiwa Zuze is an ordained minister in Glory Ministries, serving under Bishop (Apostle) Pride Sibiya. He currently serves as the Administrator for Bethel Worship Centre; the largest assembly in Glory Ministries with a record of over a thousand people in attendance. On higher ministerial responsibilities, Tapiwa currently serves as the Deputy Executive Administrator for Glory Ministries; overseeing the finance, accounting and reporting function of more than one hundred assemblies in Southern Africa and beyond. Among other ministry assignments, Tapiwa has also chaired and administered dozens of weddings, events and conferences; with reverberative success.

Family Unit:
Tapiwa is married to Regina Zuze (nee Saizi) since 12 February 2011; and both of them are ordained ministers in Glory Ministries, functioning under the Board of Elders. The two are blessed with one daughter, Paris Matipanyasha Zuze.

Tapiwa Zuze

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