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BREAKING NEWS | Appreciating People Who Do the Most Difficult Jobs in Life

In life we meet different people from different places and walks of life. Some are good while others appear to be bad, depending on your ang...

In life we meet different people from different places and walks of life. Some are good while others appear to be bad, depending on your angle of judgement.

Tapiwa Zuze

As we strive to make our ends meet, we still have our own peculiar hassles that we do for a living. But within all our hassles, they are people who do what I shall call “the most difficult jobs” that not everyone can choose willingly to do. And if you to go deeper in your checks, you will realise that most people who do such jobs may have found themselves doing them either driven by circumstances or just by default.

Today I want to dedicate this article and appreciate such people.

Let’s talk of security guards. They are the ones who are the first to arrive at the premises and the last ones to go home. And their going home means someone has arrived to change them. If that person encounters a last-minute emergency it means they will have to continue on duty until another replacement is found (if it ever comes on time). They sleep outside the premises, and sometimes bracing up cold weather conditions without decent clothing or materials to cover themselves. Worse still, they sometimes go overnight without food to eat. Much respect to the security guards.

We go to full time pastors of churches in the rural areas. These people go through a lot. Usually churches in rural areas lack resources for their own basic sustenance be it on rentals, general maintenance and administration expenses. Add to that the burden of taking care of their pastor and his/her family, and you have a huge mismatch on your hands. Consequently, rural pastors end up suffering together with their spouses and children through lack of resources. And because they are full-time in their callings, it might end up hurting the family even to the extent of children hating their parents. It is not a joke pastoring a rural church.

We then take a look at pre-school and primary school teachers. These ones take on raw children of different backgrounds and upbringing. Some children will still be messing themselves up while others will be coming from broken homes that threw all morality issues out of the window. For us to have morally grounded doctors, lawyers, accountants, pastors, engineers and other professionals tomorrow, it takes a whole lifetime of sacrifice from these group of people. Let’s love and appreciate them for all their dedication.

Nurses carry the burden of treating all kinds of diseases and physical misfortunes. They handle people who are bleeding, some with broken bones and bone marrow protruding out of their legs, those with growth issues even in sensitive body parts, cleaning maggots circling one’s rotten body flesh, bandaging eyes that are hit by logs, and cleaning accident victims. Being a curse goes far beyond just an occupation. It is a lifetime calling to save other people’s lives. The difference between one’s life and death is usually the reaction of the nurse on duty. Much respect and honour to them.

Tapiwa Zuze

Morticians, grave diggers and undertakers are one such looked down upon jobs. These guys are there to deal with the loss of your loved ones, making sure that the whole process is smooth. Of course no death is ever viewed as simple and ease, but having these people manning all your potential problems makes the mourning process somehow manageable. Never underestimate the power and priviledge we are all extended to by morticians, grave diggers and undertakers. Given the shunning of these roles, you may never understand (let alone appreciate) the toughness of these jobs. Ring these guys some bells whenever you see them.

Till operators belong to this group as well. Forget about those few bad apples, generally till operators are on the receiving end of some customers’ bullish attitude. They meet all kinds of people, with some demanding the impossibilities along the way. Even some girls have suffered sexual harassment incidents from “stubborn clients” who feel entitled to have them. And because being a till operator is more of a real-time job, you are then not at liberty to engage with a customer and try to prove your point. You just have to park your innocence in your heart and play to the gallery. Let us respect and honour our till operators.

Call centre operators are another occupation that demands real-time concentration and application. While we have all met few of them who are quite rude and naïve along the way, call centre operators are generally on the receive end of nasty exchanges. People scold them, call them names, and label them whores, uneducated you name them. They are generally treated as trash regardless of their continued sacrifices. Let us love and appreciate our call centre colleagues.

Tapiwa Zuze

Refuse collectors sit under this category of looked down upon professions and occupations. It requires massive strength and commitment to be lifting people’s nasty trash bags and still afford a smile. Many times people, in their moment of naivety, throw some inexplicable things in their trash bags. These range from children’s poo, dogs and cats poo, used tissues and diapers, used menstrual pads and other not-so-public staff. Nevertheless, refuse collectors go through their routines in high spirits and cheering. Let us love and appreciate such a rare breed of professionals.

In this category I will add home assistants, i.e. maids and gardeners. These people are probably the closest to us in our households yet they are usually the worst treated of them all. They handle our foodstuffs and other sensitive staff but we still go on to harass them. They take care of our children but when we come back we are at the forefront to torment them. It is high time home assistants get treated with much more respect and honour. Without them our households may not be that plausible after all.

Tapiwa Zuze

I can go on and on, but the bottom line is that all people need respect and honour regardless of their positions and occupations. Let us pay them our homage and sincere gratitude. We need each other along the way.

Tapiwa Zuze™

Tapiwa Zuze

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