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30 Critical Life Lessons to Learn Before Turning 30 Years – Exemplified through Trayvon Bromell [USA Olympian]

Teenage to young adult years are full of so much fun. People do all sorts of experiments with most of them being bent on negative stuff. Thi...

Teenage to young adult years are full of so much fun. People do all sorts of experiments with most of them being bent on negative stuff. This is the time when youngsters start drinking heavily, resort to hard drugs, carrying unwanted pregnancies, HIV/AIDS issues, school dropouts and life-threatening accidents.

Trayvon Bromell; USA Olympic Team; Tokyo 2020

However, the young adulthood has seen some bringing out the very best in their lives to secure their future and legacies. Talk of Trayvon Bromell (26), the USA athletics sprint specialist; who overcame a tough childhood in St. Petersburg, Florida, to become the first high school athlete to run the iconic 100 metres under 10 seconds. Because of his focus, Trayvon has already made two Olympic appearances for the USA at Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020. Before attaining 30 years of age, you have a lot to cover in preparation of a better tomorrow. Below are some of the lessons and issues you need to address earlier in your life.

1. Use your twenties to build your life. Be careful of these three things, for they may change your future forever: Friendships, Sexual Relationships and Habits.
2. Be a student. Keep asking questions. Keep knocking. Read. Find a mentor. Be coachable. Keep learning and unlearning some things. Keep a journal and jot down life lessons as you go.
3. Your friends at 20 may not be your friends at age 30. Life has many ways of shifting things around. People evolve. You will keep changing as you grow. Do not make permanent commitments with temporary people. Learn to let go. Allow life to make those adjustments.
4. Go to work to work. If you make friendships at work, great; but more often than not the friendships at work may not last after you leave work. Don't attach to a company, organization, or role. Explore and be content with starting afresh.
5. If you can delay marrying and having children, it is still okay. But learn to balance between delaying for the better and delaying for the worst.
6. Take opportunities. When you are below 30 you do not have much to lose. If you fail then take the lessons. Try, try and try again. People’s opinions do not really matter much. Just be cognisant of them to the extent where it benefits you.
7. Learn to communicate. Write in full, with proper sentence constructions. This habit of using shorthand is note really synonymous with seriousness. Master your elevator pitch: (Who are you? What do you do? What do you hope to achieve?).
8. Learn how to effectively use social media. It is important to understand social media platforms if you want to stay relevant in this time and age.
9. Learn to save and invest.
10. Become valuable. Learn a new skill. Learn a new language. Money follows value.

Trayvon Bromell; USA Olympic Team; Tokyo 2020

11. The only way to grow your confidence is to speak up. So speak up.
12. Work hard and make no excuses. Life genuinely rewards those that work hard to achieve their goals.
13. It is pointless to sit down and just blame the government of the day.
14. Comparison is the thief of joy. Practice gratitude and be content with what you have.
15. Honour your parents. They have been around long enough to know what works and how it works.
16. Be careful of drugs, sex and alcohol. A lot of youngsters have been buried because of these.
17. Every person you meet can teach you something. Always take the lesson.
18. Your health is your wealth. Mega prosperity encompasses the seven dimensions which are spiritual, physical, social, psychological, material, emotional and financial.
19. Time is money. Always try to be punctual. Do not procrastinate. Recognize time wasters in your life and ship them out.
20. Never fear criticism. Never fear being judged. Never fear failure. The only thing you should be afraid of is regret.

Trayvon Bromell; USA Olympic Team; Tokyo 2020

21. Not all arguments are necessary. Save your energy for something meaningful.
22. Start investing as soon as you can. Learn about simple and compound interest. These feed into your investments and financial management.
23. Learn to manage your emotions. Self-control is a key to success and promotion.
24. Love yourself first. All the other forms of love are sweeteners that you get to enjoy, receive and reciprocate after you learn to love yourself.
25. The internet does not forget. Be careful of what you publish online.
26. Choose your life partner carefully. It is a critical decision that have a huge bearing on the rest of your lifetime.
27. Worship God. Believe in a higher power. You sleep better at night knowing that where your strength ends, there is someone above you who takes care of it all.
28. Love the journey more than the destination. Be present in each moment. Appreciate your current achievements while you work for more.
29. Travel the world. Meet new people. Explore. Do not limit your reality of life to your present moment.
30. You create the life you want, it does not just happen. Be intentional about it. What you do or not do today will affect how you eventually turn out in life.

Trayvon Bromell; USA Olympic Team; Tokyo 2020

Life demands your careful selection of the above and many other critical issues.

You are your own boss in your equation of your success.

Tapiwa Zuze
(With some notes borrowed from Zambia Reports)

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