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Why Do You Push Other People Away?

One morning I went to the bank. As I was about to enter the hall, one guy ran ahead of me and pushed me away so he could quickly join the lo...

One morning I went to the bank. As I was about to enter the hall, one guy ran ahead of me and pushed me away so he could quickly join the long queue ahead of me.

Tapiwa Zuze

Despite being at the receiving end of such a ridiculous act of disrespect, I kept quiet. This guy thought I will queue up behind him but I was actually not there to withdraw money. Instead I went straight to the deposit till, and I was the only one there. There was no queue on deposits.

When I finished depositing my cash, and moving to the exit to leave the banking hall, this guy came from his queue and apologized for his earlier behaviour.

“Sir, I am very sorry for pushing you away. I thought you were coming to the queue to withdraw cash”, he said. I smiled and told him not to bother much because it was not a big deal.


Who are you 'pushing' away and trying to outrun in the race of destiny, relationship, business, ministry, career, marriage, political position or appointment? How many people have you pushed aside, pushed away or pushed down in life? Are you among those that destroy people through pushing and shoving?

Tapiwa Zuze

By slandering them, hindering their progress, blocking their promotion, lying, backstabbing, condemning them before their helpers, backbiting, discriminating, and spoiling their good names either through lies or rumour, all in a bid to 'get there' before them.

I challenge you today to take it easy because you might not be going to the same destination. Unknown to you, the path may look alike but your destinations are different. It might surprise you later that, with all the pushing and shoving away you are doing, your ‘victims’ may still leave you on the 'queue' of destiny and go ahead of you.


Has anyone ever pushed you away, aside, or down in your school, office, ministry, business, marriage, political platform, social media arena or in a religious society? Are they trying to push you away or have they pushed you away already so that they can get ahead of you? Don't worry, God will use your case to prove to them that, “It does not, therefore, depend on human desire or effort, but on God's mercy” – Romans 9:6 [NIV].

God will show you mercy and give you an overtaking speed. Those who are pushing you here and there will later come and tell you they are sorry.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls; please push nobody because you might not be heading to the same destination.

Tapiwa Zuze

With thanks and praise!

Tapiwa Zuze®


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