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The Law of Opportunity | Life Lesson From The Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7) Captain’s Armband

When Serbia hosted Portugal in a 2022 World Cup Qualifier at Rajko Mitic Stadium in Belgrade, Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal were denied a w...

When Serbia hosted Portugal in a 2022 World Cup Qualifier at Rajko Mitic Stadium in Belgrade, Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal were denied a winning goal that clearly crossed with virtually the last chance of the game.

Cristiano Ronaldo; Portugal

CR7 had chipped the ball into the net from an acute right angle before the Serbian defender Stefan Mitrovic attempted a clearance. Even though he hooked the ball back into play, but video footage clearly shows that the ball had already crossed the line by a wider margin. Alas to say that the Dutch referee Danny Makkelie and his assistants “connived” to deny the five-time Ballon d'Or winner his goal, and ultimately deny Portugal their match winner!

As the referee blew the final whistle ending the match on a 2 all draw, Cristiano Ronaldo was so frustrated that he took off his captain’s armband and threw it to the ground close to the touchline before moving straight into the dressing room. Knowing CR7, this was not a surprise. He is a fighter; always hungry to win.

But in the stadium that day was one Djordje Vukicevic, a firefighter on duty, who saw the opportunity to make a difference with the discarded captain’s armband. He picked it up right after the match and gave it to a charity group. The local charity group decided to put the blue armband up for online bidding to raise money for the medical treatment of Gavrilo Djurdjevic, a 6 months old baby boy with spinal muscular atrophy.

Suffice to say that the armband has already been bought by Serbia's Mozzart Bet paying 7.5 million dinars (US$75,150) in humanitarian efforts to help the young boy receive treatment.

Cristiano Ronaldo; Portugal

“We decided to take part in the auction because of its humanitarian nature. The objective was to aid toddler Gavrilo Djurdjevic as well as to raise awareness that we need to stand united in taking this kind of action", said Mozzart in their statement.

Having heard about this seemingly bad-but-turned-good event, Cristiano Ronaldo has now sent his official Juventus No. 7 jersey inscribed with his signature and the words “Para Gavrilo”, for the young boy who is not well. Other renowned Serbian players such as Stefan Mitrović and Aleksandar Mitrović has also done the same to raise funds for young Gavrilo.


It all started with the genuine but disallowed goal. One unknown fireman decided to grab this seemingly “small opportunity” to try and change a young boy’s life. While the global focus was on Ronaldo and the mess that had been created by the Dutch referee, Djordje Vukicevic decided to curve an opportunity from something that didn’t even make sense.

He convinced himself that the superstar status of Cristiano Ronaldo may push for some interests in the discarded captain’s armband. It was an opportunity he envisaged himself, away from the global media that was trolling the manner in which the game had been handled.

Fast-forward two months later, the cause started by the virtually unknown firefighter has given a lifeline of resources to a needy soul.

In life, be on the lookout for opportunities. Even where there seems to be none, you can still create one and change your circumstances and those that are aligned to you.

Cristiano Ronaldo; Portugal

This is the law of opportunity.

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