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The Son Reflects Their Father… The Daughter Reflects Their Mother!

No child comes out of their own will.  A child is a direct result of a biological conception process between a father and a mother. This is ...

No child comes out of their own will. 

A child is a direct result of a biological conception process between a father and a mother. This is so regardless of the circumstances dictated by the child’s conception; be it intentional or unwanted.

Tapiwa Zuze

Every child has a father and a mother somewhere. Although a child may have many instructors in life, they will always have one father and one mother. Under normal circumstances, no parent should feel threatened by the presence of noble instructors in the life of the child because they know they are not experts in every dimension of life.

Again, it would be sheer madness for the child to decide to abandon their parents and replace them with instructors. This would be catastrophic in the long run.

In a biological set-up, a child takes some characteristics from both the father and the mother, whether by design or default. The son looks more like his father, the daughter is more like her mother though the vice-versa is also very common.

The same is true in the spiritual set-up. There are many people who claim to be children but do not take characteristics of their father or mother in faith. They say it at every opportune moment but they never reflect it in their deeds. Instead, they only become “real children” whenever it suits them for their own convenience.

Children should not be known for what they say but for what they do in practice. They should know that their actions speak much louder than their words.

Children should be a source of pride and joy for their parents.

No real child is ashamed of their father, mother, brothers and sisters. Even if they are economically, spiritually or materially disadvantaged they remain your flesh and blood.

Father is father, mother is mother, do not change, do not run away!

Tapiwa Zuze

A wise child reflects in his roots, returns to their genesis.

As much as the child grows up and has his or her own family, they should humbly submit to their parent’s authority and not compete, or try to correct their parents’ approach and way of life. It is very detrimental to their own success and survival.

There are people who behave as if they are nobody's child, but the truth is that their actions prove to be someone's child, who they may not want to publicly acknowledge.

Sons and daughters; let us behave. We were born of our parents, and let us recognise and acknowledge them as such.

© Original article by Apostle Jonas F. Quembo

Adopted and edited by:

Tapiwa Zuze™

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