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The Dangers of Trying to Copy Other People’s Lifestyles

If you know your family counts on you, don’t play games with people who count on their families. You don’t have the same luxuries they have;...

If you know your family counts on you, don’t play games with people who count on their families.

Tapiwa Zuze

You don’t have the same luxuries they have; you don’t have the same amount of support and resources they have. Continuing to play with them negligently will lead you to abandon your honest self and begin to live an artificial and tragic lifestyle.

Look, you have exhausted yourself in trying to measure up to what you have no idea about!

Many people are swimming in serious debt and abject poverty today simply because they failed to separate themselves from this tragic syndrome of copying other people.

Tapiwa Zuze

Why do you think you need to live like them?

Do you know the size of their bank balances?

Do you know how their riches are created?

Do you know their investment patterns and portfolio management empires?

Do you know their belief systems?

Do you know their traditions and culture?

To further complicate the issue, do you even know how many years God has programmed for them to live here on earth?

Tapiwa Zuze

Whenever you see them driving Lamborghinis and splashing cash all over the show, don’t be tempted to copy their lifestyle.

When you see them exchanging Gucci and Versace gifts, don’t jump ignorantly into their bandwagon.

When you see them swiping their Visa Card, MasterCard, and American Express bank cards don’t be fooled into taking up the challenge on your sleeves.

When you see them driving fast and popping expensive champagnes in their convertibles, remind yourself that you are from a different class altogether.

Be ready to stand firm on your ground and tell yourself I don’t qualify to be in this circle. Tell yourself the truth that I can’t eat my $100 for school fees with people who are eating their $10,000 business profits. Because when both of you are done with experimenting with wines they will go back to their running businesses while you remain stuck without schooling.

Tapiwa Zuze


With so much love and adoration,

Tapiwa Zuze™

Tapiwa Zuze

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