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A Crime Is A Crime Regardless of Who The Perpetrator or Victim Is

“It is completely not godly to rejoice when any church or servant of God goes through a trouble. We are one, our God is one, and the Holy Sp...

“It is completely not godly to rejoice when any church or servant of God goes through a trouble. We are one, our God is one, and the Holy Spirit is one. I believe the church is under siege and we need to stand together; to pray for the church as a whole despite our differing faith and beliefs. WE ARE ONE. Let us step down from the judgement seat and show love towards one another” – Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

Tapiwa Zuze

Today’s pulpits have been weaponized to attack one minister after the other, or one church after another. We have hypocrites masquerading as “true servants of God” who have turned themselves into chief justices’ ready to dissect others and sentence them to “hell”. They rejoice when one church is being persecuted by politicians and governments saying “God is cleaning the church”, but when they are attacked themselves they are quick to say the devil is attacking them. What level of hypocrisy is that? One minute it’s God who is in charge, and next minute you are accusing the devil of the chaos?

That’s a very selfish agenda and motive of life. STOP THAT NONSENSE PLEASE!

Tapiwa Zuze

A crime is a crime regardless of who is the perpetrator or victim. When any church is attacked, the whole body of Christ is attacked. No matter how you may disagree with a man of God or a church, it doesn’t benefit anything to have that church victimized or closed. Instead, when that happens the work of the ministry suffers big time. In that church that is seemingly “evil”, there are also genuine children of God who need to be loved and protected. And even if there are bad apples in there, it is your responsibility to show them the light not rejoice at their demise or persecution.

Church of God, don’t be fooled by politicians to make us to turn against one another! When you do that know that THE LOVE OF GOD IS NOT IN YOU. You are a hypocrite of the highest magnitude and rank.

If you rejoice on the persecution or closure of churches, you are a DEVIL INCARNATE. Stop that hypocrisy and repent NOW!!

Tapiwa Zuze

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

Tapiwa Zuze

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