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The Hurts And Wounds Of A True Father

A true father goes through many unspeakable experiences to continue to be a good father to his family. When he goes out daily in search of b...

A true father goes through many unspeakable experiences to continue to be a good father to his family. When he goes out daily in search of bread and resources for his household, he sustains many mental injuries he does not discuss with his family. 

Tapiwa Zuze

His wife and children may not be able to stand the pains he goes through if he shares it with them. The insults from his superiors, the embarrassment from his customers, the harassment from bullies and other vices he meets along the way. Yet with all these attacks he still does not quit to stand and support his family. 

Many times when a true father gets home, he is somehow greeted with nags, pushing, shoving and unending outbursts. He gets blamed for not being able to meet up like what his other “fellow men” are doing in the neighbourhood. A true father is most of times rarely appreciated for his genuine struggles and push just to keep the family cord together. 

Some true fathers have even quietly dipped their hands into unclean and embarrassing hassles not freely discussable with their families. In extreme cases, some of them have even ended up stealing, embezzling, or borrowing to extreme levels and accumulating debts that choke the family. A true father can settle for anything just to keep food on the table for his family. Often times when you see them seated quietly thinking, there is so much weight on their shoulders to crash an elephant. 

Tapiwa Zuze

An old adage says “a goat sweats but its hair does not let people see its sweat”. Many fathers are sweating big time, but no one is seeing their sweat because they usually cover it up through artificial smiles and strengths. But when it comes to celebrating true fathers, it is rarely done with funfair. Unlike the celebration of mothers which comes with all sorts of emotions and connections, with fathers it is usually mentioned casually in passing. 

A true father may not have the tenderness and umbilical connections of a mother, yet everyone sucks from his unseen breasts. He may not carry the heavy pregnancy for nine months but he is always pregnant with family needs. He may not have experienced physical labour pains, but he has deep painful wounds of physical labour entrenched in his body. Tears may not be on his eyes but he bleeds profusely from inside when he has no means to feed his family. 

His shout, hostility and moods are not premeditated, but they are a product of what he goes through. It is important for family members to understand and appreciate their fathers while they are still alive. A true father goes through a lot, and might just be nursing some deep wounds that need your cleaning and tender treatment for ultimate healings. 

Tapiwa Zuze

The wounds of a true father!! 

Adopted and edited by: 
Tapiwa Zuze

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