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The Law of Desperation and Desire

One afternoon with my friend Passmore, we climbed a huge tree on the banks of Biri River in Msengezi (Chegutu, Zimbabwe). We skillfully hid ...

One afternoon with my friend Passmore, we climbed a huge tree on the banks of Biri River in Msengezi (Chegutu, Zimbabwe). We skillfully hid ourselves in the thick branches of the tree.

Our aim was to have a closer first-hand look at the behavioural aspects of fish eagles, and what they do when they are in their nests with their eaglets. 

Tapiwa Zuze

After about five minutes, one big fish eagle landed on a branch two metres from where were hiding. She was holding her catch (a huge bream) to feed the eaglets. The moment the mother fish eagle moved closer to the nest, her two eaglets instinctively started to cry with so much vigour, desperation and desire to get their mother’s attention. In a moment the mother tore the fish into pieces and began to feed her eaglets hurriedly. 

As the two eaglets continued to cry and show desperation for more food, their mother continued to feed them. Eventually they became full and chilled down to rest. Only then did their mother began to eat the left overs herself. It was a deep life lesson that I was to remember more than two decades later in my adulthood. 

Many times in life, people complain about not being given much attention and opportunity to showcase their gifts. They usually cry of general neglect from their imaginary expectations based on their perceived way of how people should treat them. Such people eventually develop artificial scorn at various people, breeding unfounded theories of hatred and bitterness in the process. 

However if they are to objectively assess themselves, they lack the much needed desperation and desire attract attention. They want things to happen on a silver platter for them. They expect the world to bow down and spoon-feed them. Really? 

Tapiwa Zuze

Ladies and gentlemen, be reminded that attention is often given to those who make much noise about their issues in life. To a greater extent, the level of your success in life is directly proportional to the level of your desperation and desire. 

God speaking to Israel (the chosen nation); He says: “For I will pour water on him who is thirsty, and floods on the dry ground”– Isaiah 44:3(a). Only when you show dryness and thirstiness (desperation and desire), will God then pour blessings into your life. 

God spoke a similar word to Asa through Azariah saying: “The Lord is with you while you are with Him. If you seek Him, He will be found by you; but if you forsake Him, He will forsake you” – 2 Chronicles 15:2(b). 

Jesus Christ, on the Sermon on the Mount; spoke on the need for desperation and desire in order to be filled with righteousness: “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled” – Matthew 5:6. 

Everywhere you look, the greatest achievers under the sun where men and women who showed serious desperation and desire in their pursuits! 

James Thurber; the author of ‘Further Fables for Our Time’; nailed it all when he said: “Nowadays most men lead lives of noisy desperation”. Without showing any desperation and desire for success, no one will notice you. 

I urge you my fellow citizens to be desperate in your desire of achieving much success in your chosen field; otherwise you may die a bitter person thinking people neglected you when in fact you sealed your own fate. Be wise! Be vigilant! 

Tapiwa Zuze

Much love! 

Tapiwa Zuze 

[Off my book: Principles of Shifting to fruitful Dimensions (Book 1)

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