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Parental Nagging (Sic) That Changes A Child’s Destiny

Joel didn’t like living in his parents’ house because of his father’s continuous ‘nagging’. “You are leaving the room without switching off ...

Joel didn’t like living in his parents’ house because of his father’s continuous ‘nagging’.

Tapiwa Zuze

“You are leaving the room without switching off the fan!”

“The television is in the living room and there is no one watching. Hurry up and switch it off!”

“Go and water the garden, and after that water the lawn please!”

Joel continued to get frustrated by his father’s multi-tasking habit. His tolerance levels had been stretched to the limit now.

However, as he pondered over his next move, Joel received an invitation for a job interview. “If I could just get this job, I am leaving from my parents’ home immediately. I won’t be seeing this nagging behaviour from my father”.

As Joel left home for the interview, his father’s gave him some advice which he took grudgingly: “My son! Answer questions put to you without any hesitation. Even if you don’t know the answer, mention that confidently”.

His father gave him more money than he actually needed to attend an interview. Seriously?

As Joel arrived at the company’s premises for the scheduled interview, he noticed that there were no security guards at the gate. The latch was protruding out hitting people as they enter through the door. Joel put the latch back properly, closed the door and entered the premises.

On both sides of the pathway Joel could see beautiful flower plants. But the gardener had left the water running over without attention. Water was now overflowing on the pathway. Joel nicely lifted the hosepipe and placed it near one of the plants before proceeding to the reception area.

There was no one in the reception area. However, there was a notice saying that the interview was on the first floor. Joel slowly climbed the stairs. The light was still switched on from last night, but he remembered his father’s admonition: “Why are you leaving the room without switching off the light?” Joel instinctively switched off the light.

Upstairs Joel could see many aspiring candidates waiting for their interview turns. He wondered if he could really stand a chance against such a crowd!

Joel entered the hall and stepped on the “Welcome Mat” placed near the door. He noticed that the mat was upside down. He bent down and straightened the mat.

Tapiwa Zuze

As interviews proceeded, Joel could see many people entering the interview room and immediately leaving through another door.

When Joel’s turn arrived, he went and stood before the interviewer with some trepidation and concern. The officer took the certificates from him, and without looking at them asked, “When can you start work?”

Joel thought, “Is this a trick question being asked in the interview, or is this a signal that I have been offered the job?” He was confused.

“What are you thinking?” asked the CEO. “We didn’t ask anyone any question here. By asking a few questions we won’t be able to assess the skills of anyone. So our test was to assess the attitude of the person. We kept certain tests based on the behaviour of the candidates and we observed everyone through the CCTV. No one who came today did anything to set right the latch at the door, the hose pipe, the welcome mat, the uselessly running fans or lights. You were the only one who did that. That’s why we have decided to select you for the job”, explained the CEO. 

Joel always got irritated at his father’s behaviour. Now, for once Joel realized that it was through discipline that he got him this job. His irritation and anger at his father vanished completely.

Tapiwa Zuze

Important Life Lessons:
To parents, keep on talking to your children about what is right despite their frowns. They will thank you later.

To teachers, you could be the only father or mother’s voice that child will ever hear. Continue moulding them to become the best.

Talk to children about the things they are doing wrongly and shape their unconscious world for the life ahead. It is not in vain, let's keeping on training our children. That’s my story.

Tapiwa Zuze

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