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You Will Only Realise Your Potential After Facing Headwinds

The Boeing 747-800 is a massive wide-body aircraft that has a Maximum Take-Off Weight of close to 500 tonnes. It is an unbelievable phenom...

The Boeing 747-800 is a massive wide-body aircraft that has a Maximum Take-Off Weight of close to 500 tonnes. It is an unbelievable phenomenon that such a mega-structure can climb to 39,000 feet into the skies and remain cruising for than 15 hours before landing. This is a ridiculous statistic!

Tapiwa Zuze

However, my questions were better explained through the law of aerodynamics. When the aircraft is taxing on the runway, its forward thrust into the engines creates mega power and lift which in turn allows the machine to rise above the headwinds working against it. The more the forward thrust, the more the headwinds, the more the soaring into the skies.

Ladies and gentlemen, the headwinds we meet in life are not meant to paralyse or kill us. Instead our navigational expertise is brought under severe scrutiny to see if we possess the requisite skills needed to rise above life’s challenges. The presence of headwinds should actually be celebrated as a pointer to the level that God expects us to operate from.

You cannot claim to be a winner without facing the headwinds of your life’s race.
You cannot claim the gold medal when there is no evidence of having ran and won the race.
The world needs evidence of your conquering of the headwinds.
The world takes a bow only to those who rose above the headwinds.

Tapiwa Zuze

An illustrative goes like this:-

One early morning two security guards, Kevin and Gerald, were walking home from work when Gerald fell into a deep pit. Kevin tried all his best to pull out his workmate but nothing materialised. Sensing imminent danger, Kevin quickly ran across the road to the nearby houses to call for reinforcements. Within minutes, a team of capable helpers ran to the pit and surprisingly found Gerald standing outside the same pit! How on earth was that possible? How did Gerald come out of that dangerous place? Who assisted him in to come out when no one else was around?

As Kevin and other helpers stood amazed by what they were seeing, Gerald quickly explained to them his miracle: “I did not get any help from anyone, but instead an Egyptian cobra came into the deep pit and somehow I just found myself jumping out of the pit. I have no clear explanation of how I managed to move out, but I am here safe from the snake”.

​Often times we do not have an idea of the potential that we carry until we face headwinds.
We have no idea of what we can do until something pushes us out of our comfort zones.
We have no slightest idea of how much money we can handle through our hands until we face a point of hunger and starvation.
We have no idea of the platforms we are capable of stepping into until a supervisor pushes us out of our current occupations.

The B747-800 thrives more when headwinds are a common feature!
Gerald only mad it out of the deep pit because of the presence of the Egyptian cobra!

Tapiwa Zuze

May you move out of those headwinds stronger and more determined.

Tapiwa Zuze

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