NEWS ALERT: Allow God To Position You For Success In Life


As frustration creeps in, people tend to take matters into their own hands, and most of the times horribly and wrongly so. Naturally, people lack the ultimate patience needed to allow God to be in charge of their whole spectrum of life.

Tapiwa Zuze

They might have tried something on the left, and nothing seemed to be working. 
They might have tried something on the right, and it all ended in chaotic circumstances. 
They might have tried something bordering on the middle, but again it left them with unbearable pain. 

To deeply understand this phenomenon, here is a classic story which goes like this: 

One day I attended a wedding ceremony with a gathering of just over a hundred people. I sat in one of the front seats enjoying the proceedings of this special event. As lunch got closer, one of the ushers started distributing food. She started from the back, and unfortunately it didn't get to us who were sitting in front. 

Then another lady started distributing drinks from the front. But unfortunately I had already moved to sit at the back anticipating that drinks will again start from that end. The drinks didn’t get to the back and I lost again. 

I was so furious that I stood up intending to take my leave, but then I saw three ladies each with a big bowl in their hands. This time, I tried to outsmart the system and strategically sat myself at the middle of the park. One of the ladies started sharing from the front, the second lady started distributing from the back. 

The two ladies were sharing roasted chicken. But when they got to the middle where I was seated, the food got finished on either side before I could get my share. 

Feeling so angry and frustrated, I bent my head holding my face down. But then the third lady tapped me on the shoulder, and stretched her bowl for me to pick. Joyfully I stretched and put my hands inside the bowl... Guess what was in the bowl? TOOTHPICKS!!!! 

Tapiwa Zuze

Moral of the Story: 
Do not be so much obsessed with trying to position yourself much for benefit in life. Instead, as you move to pursue your mandate and purpose, allow God to take the ultimate role of positioning you in the right place for the right mandate. Anything can leave you so much angry and frustrated to the core. 

God is the one who created you. 
God is the one who made you. 
God is the one who mandated you. 
God is the one who sanctified you. 
God is the one who knows everything about you. 
God is the one whose purpose is supreme over you. 
God is the one who will certainly reward you without fear or favour. 

Tapiwa Zuze

Stay blessed and remain focused. 

Adopted and edited by: 
Tapiwa Zuze

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