MUST READ: The Weight of Education Over Academic Qualifications


If you ask a chef and a mechanic to bring you oil, the chef will bring you cooking oil while the mechanic will bring you engine oil.

Tapiwa Zuze

Your perception of this world is based on your knowledge. Broaden your knowledge base; broaden your reality of life.

Ladies and gentleman, there is a huge difference between a qualified person and an educated person.

A qualified person studies to pass a test, but an educated person studies to grow.

A qualified person only reads a book when there is a promise of a test ahead, but an educated person understands that tests go far beyond an examination. Rather, the most important tests are the ones we meet each and every day.

A qualified person is as good as the certification hanging on the wall which represents the staff that he has already forgotten.

An educated person is as good as his present stepping his future and destiny.

I want to encourage you today to seek out information, knowledge and wisdom. Information is everywhere, be it in schools, seminars, books, experienced people and the internet,

While you are not expected to read everything that passes through you, you need to intensify your studies more son in areas aligned to your purpose and calling.

Seek out deep information outside and beyond the walls of a classroom or institution.

Don’t just get a qualification, but rather get education and if a qualification is on that same road so be it.

Qualifications may be necessary to get you into the door, but they don’t make you relevant whilst inside the door.

Tapiwa Zuze

Problems associated with basing your life on qualifications:
  1. You are a duplicate. There are many other people holding the same paper qualification.
  2. You are irrelevant as time passes by. A paper qualification of 10 years ago does not provide you with immunity to tackle modern day demands of your profession and occupation.

Don’t sit on paper qualifications only, develop yourself to become relevant.

Acknowledgements: Qualified Fool – Beyond Motivation Teachings by Liberty Makuyana.

Written by:

Tapiwa Zuze

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