Some Key Ways to Sustain Your First Love and Marriage


Some Key Ways to Sustain Your First Love and Marriage.

Tapiwa Zuze
  1. Put your spouse first before anyone else on earth, including your parents and siblings. They have their own lives to live while you have your own.
  2. Put your spouse before your children. Always remember that children are not the primary centre of marriage, but just an additional spicy blessing from God.
  3. Put your spouse ahead of your business and industry connections. These are temporary but your spouse stays with you forever.
  4. Put your spouse before your societal relationships. They all come second to your marriage and love life.
  5. Have family devotions at least once a week at home. A family that prays together live well together.
  6. Put your spouse before your finances and assets. All these are meaningless if you don’t have a stable atmosphere at home.
  7. Get your spouse involved in your business, at least to get an understanding of how things move. This may save you a lot of unnecessary headaches tomorrow. Even in the unfortunate event that you pass on, your spouse will not lose what you worked for.
  8. If you are a pastor or religious leader, always put your spouse first before your ministry responsibilities. Remember, charity begins at home.
  9. Go out on a date at least once a month and enjoy with your spouse. This is meant to continue rekindling your flame of love just like you did at the beginning of your relationship.
  10. Create time and space for some sports and exercises. Having such time helps you enjoy and relieve any potential stress.
  11. Occasionally buy gifts for each other, and teach your children to do the same even to you as parents.
  12. As individuals, pray for each other. It is important to cover one another in prayer.
Tapiwa Zuze

May we all work to better our marriages!

Tapiwa Zuze

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