Rising Above Circumstantial Limitations


Many people have not realized their potential because they are busy focusing on their circumstantial limitations.

Tapiwa Zuze
They will give all sorts of reasons why they couldn’t do it. They will try to explain their situation tenderly and deeply so that you can buy their story and feel pity for them!

But we have an example of Jesus Christ, who did it the extraordinary way without the resources and technology that we have today.

Jesus Christ ministered powerfully and effectively to thousands of people without:
PA system
Business cards
Decorated offices
DVDs and adios
Radio and television broadcast
Talk shows
Online ministry
Smartphones and tablets

The problem why you remain stagnant is that you continue to embrace your circumstantial limitations. Yes be cognisant of them, but don’t let them define your level of rising.

Do what you are meant to do, and leave the rest to God.

Rise like a proverbial phoenix!

Tapiwa Zuze – www.tapiwazuze.com


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