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Habits That Attract Poverty In Life

Poverty is never a gift from God. It must be fought from all angles until it leaves our doorsteps. There are certain habits that give ...

Poverty is never a gift from God. It must be fought from all angles until it leaves our doorsteps.

Tapiwa Zuze

There are certain habits that give a lot of room for poverty to thrive in our lives. You have to be on the lookout for these habits before you become a victim of the same.

1. Sleeping early and waking up late.
Poor people sleep early and wake up late. This leaves one with little time for productive activities. In life, the more time you dedicate into your work, the higher the chances of getting optimum results. Poor people don’t see the value of putting more time into their work; they simply work under instructions.

2. Taking a lot of alcohol and hard drugs.
The worst mistake you can make is to start swimming in alcohol. You will eventually become an addict, thus affecting your output and reserves. If you want to be rich and still want to be focused, then have specific times when you take alcohol and other enjoyments. Unfortunately for drugs they will affect you physically, mentally and psychologically. Drug habits are a fertile breeding ground for extreme poverty.

3. Stay with lazy friends.
Your circle of friends determine how far you’ll go in life. This is because your thoughts as a group are usually intertwined along the same lines of decision making. If you are surrounded by a circle of lazy buggers, the only thing you can achieve in life is breathing! Metaphorically speaking, you might also become lazy of breathing and die!!

Tapiwa Zuze

4. Having a huge family you can’t afford to feed.
Getting married itself is a huge task, and if you don’t have resources to sustain your marriage that can be the starting point of a disastrous future. However, even if you go on to marry, be careful of how you are going to grow your family. Ironically, it is usually the poor people who tend to bear many children! Rich people usually settle for two or three children.

When you give birth, that child will always look up to you for all the basics a human being needs. Assuming you bear 10 children, that means you will need several granaries of food to satisfy them. Nearly all your resources will be directed towards your family’s upkeep, leaving nothing for investment. Be wise!

5. Spending too much time in unproductive schooling.
Education remains a better foundation for a successful life. However, it should be managed well. You cannot spend the biggest part of your life just schooling! On this earth, no employer will pay you salaries that are enough to satisfy you even if you possess 20 degrees. Rich people have few academic papers because they know the value of being innovative as opposed to possessing many degrees. If you look around, you will hardly find a billionaire professor, why? Educate yourself wisely.

Tapiwa Zuze

6. Being risk averse.
Most people always like to take safe routes, which is why they are poor. Great opportunities are hidden where risks are high. When you avoid taking risks, it means you have decided to settle for less.

7. Minding other people’s business.
When you focus too much on other people’s affairs, you forget about your own purpose in life. To succeed, you have to take time to plan, execute and see results. But if your work is to monitor what others are doing, you will achieve little if not nothing.

8. Being an employee forever.
Tell me how many employees are listed in top 1,000 wealthiest people on earth? None! This is because employers will never pay employees more than they pay themselves. Learn to wean yourself off other people’s empires and build your own.

Tapiwa Zuze

Original author: Unknown.

Adopted and edited by:
Tapiwa Zuze

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