Coming Empty Into God’s Presence


Human beings generally have got the problem of wanting their presence to be felt in any place they set their feet on.

Tapiwa Zuze

Probably this comes from the dominion and influence DNA that was planted into us at the creation stage (Genesis 1:26-28). People want to dominate; they want to be felt!!

However, there is a huge difference when we are entering into the presence of God. We cannot come to Jesus with our hands full of our accomplishments, titles and egos, and expect there to be room for His blessings. Those things are nothing in the presence of the Almighty!!

However, when we come to him empty-handed, we are then able to receive all of Him. Sometimes, we get so much distracted with our desires, trying to fill various voids that we fail to leave room for God to bless us beyond our performance.

Regardless of our extrinsic and intrinsic flows, let us come to God empty and acknowledge His unlimited ability to pour into us everything we need.

Come to the Lord with an empty heart and empty mind, expecting to be filled by Him.

Stay blessed.

Tapiwa Zuze –

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