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CLASSIC: Some Very Weird and Careless Things People Do In Love Relationships

When two unmarried people are in love, they usually think they own the whole world! More often than not, the engage in some extreme practi...

When two unmarried people are in love, they usually think they own the whole world! More often than not, the engage in some extreme practices that ultimately work to their detriment, especially if they later on go separate ways.

Tapiwa Zuze

Below are some of the toxic things done in the name of love, but come back to haunt the doers.

1. Disobeying God because of a boyfriend or girlfriend.
This is one of the greatest crimes any person can commit against themselves. Dumping God for a mere human being? You must be joking! God should always be first choice in everything you do. Once you position God first, the rest of the people will fall into their rightful categories with relative ease.

2. Cohabitation.
Living and indulging in sexual intercourse with a partner whom you have not yet married is a regrettable sinful act. Such practices have resulted in some serious irreparable heartaches in peoples’ lives, both physically and spiritually. Cohabitation was never a plan from God, and it will never get God’s blessing as it contradicts his divine pronouncements. Just marry and settle down.

3. Accepting to be a side chic.
Being a side chic is so degrading, and it robs you the opportunity to determine your own destiny. Many people are fond of it for various reasons, but it was never part of God’s original intention for mankind. To some who have been unfortunate to face the wrath of their actions, they have been maimed or even got killed by the original spouses in question. Beware side chics!

4. Wearing the engagement ring of a strange partner.
How can you engage to someone who doesn’t even know your home, or any of your close relatives? In case of any eventuality, where do you go to? Whom do you see? Think about this deeply before accepting some of these proposals.

Tapiwa Zuze

5. Using your partner’s images on social media profiles.
This may sound far-fetched, and many will not take it serious. But when you break up with that partner, it may cause you serious emotional disturbances. Those photos may have been archived where they are permanently stored. Can you stomach the pain and public embarrassment?

6. Getting tattoos done in expression of love.
While images can be deleted permanently, but what about tattoos that are done on your body? They may be having her face, his name or whatever…. How do you move on with a new partner, possibly to marriage levels, and stay with a tattoo that bears the name or face of an ex?? Think about this!

7. Giving your virginity to a partner who has not married you.
Again, this is one traumatizing experience to say the least. Sex is a preserve of married couples. They are the only once authorised to consume it as per God’s original design. If you want to enjoy sex, first marry.

8. Bathing with your partner.
Private body parts are sacred assets only revealed to your lifetime partner after marriage. You can’t publicize them to every Jack and Jill. When you breakup, it becomes so traumatic. There are graves of people who have killed themselves after break-ups. Be wise!!

9. Cooking/washing regularly for your partner.
You are not yet his lawfully wedded spouse, please. He should live a bachelor’s life and do his things. When he is now ready for a wife, he will marry you and only then can he enjoy the benefits reserved for husbands.

Tapiwa Zuze

10. Public show of romance.
Again, after separation, you may not be able to stomach the trauma and public demonisation. Be wise when you are enjoying your relationships.

11. Disobeying your parents for a partner whose parents have not accepted you.
A lot of people may attempt to justify this by saying that love is for two. It’s true that love is for two, but living in isolation with such hostility may be too much to take. More often than not you will not be able to stomach it.

12. Distancing yourself from your friends and relatives.
You have to be wise when you are entering into a relationship. Your partner may begin to give you some weird rules and regulations. You should have the ability to distinguish between advice for progress in life and isolation for being used and dumped. Some of the people your partner forbids you to talk to have actually made you who you are. A balance is needed there, otherwise you may kill permanent beneficial relationships for someone who will dump you tomorrow.

Tapiwa Zuze

May we be wise in how we relate to our partners before and after marriage.

Tapiwa Zuze

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