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Women! Some Advice That Can Improve Your Health and Well-Being At Home

Home is the best! But it can be the worst if you don’t know how to manage certain issues and situations. Here are some of the ways in whi...

Home is the best!

But it can be the worst if you don’t know how to manage certain issues and situations. Here are some of the ways in which women can improve their health and well-being at home. These are just general tips. They are never a substitute for any professional health advice. For any specific issues, kindly consult your health specialist for solid professional advice.

Tapiwa Zuze

1. Create time to rest. It is acceptable to sit down and relax as you put your legs on the table, have some popcorn and drink while watching television. Your body is not made of steel. It needs regular rest.

2. You cannot finish all the house chores in one day. Those who tried to do so are now stressed and sick beyond redemption. Others are even worse off. They are dead and buried underground!

3. Take some time to sleep before you continue with your chores. Sleeping is a necessary phase of your daily timetable. Those who refuse to take some sleep have ultimately choked their bodies beyond redemption.

4. Stop relying on sedatives. Your body requires natural management as you have been created and conditioned. Sedatives destroy your brain and vital organs. At one point your body will tire up and surrender itself without notice.

5. Worry less and think less. Instead, laugh and smile more. Your body needs that cheerful relaxation.

6. Sometimes go out of the vicinity to view nature quietly on your own. A fresh breath of outside air allows you to connect with the creative nature of God. You need that connection time and again.

7. View yourself in the mirror often and tell yourself that you are the best you. God made you the way you are. Be proud of yourself and cultivate bubbling self-esteem.

8. Take a walk regularly to ease the body tension that comes with numerous workload. It is vital even to allow free blood circulation within your full body at length.

9. Get the necessary home gadgets to ease your level of workload involvement at home, like microwave, washing machine and water boilers. Their presence make the workload lighter and easier to manage.

10. If you are not feeling well please say so and go to the hospital. Do not have a habit of just taking medication at home without some specialist opinion. You may be killing yourself unknowingly.

11. Regularly check your blood pressure and sugar levels. Do this whether you are sick or not. Proactiveness saves you a lot of pain and resources than reactiveness.

12. Find time to read and pray alone. It is a vital component to create peace within yourself and connect to your creator.

Tapiwa Zuze

You are your own number one manager; administrator!

Tapiwa Zuze –

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