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The Soon-Coming Demise of Self-Serving Politicians and Governments

The world of rulership and territorial management has been bastardised by self-serving politicians and governments. These are the same ...

The world of rulership and territorial management has been bastardised by self-serving politicians and governments.

Tapiwa Zuze

These are the same strongmen and strong-women who have committed horrific genocides, intense mass murders, decapitated and dehumanised people, and proceeded further to inflict other unspeakable atrocities.

Some of these “top-brass” have been made to account painfully during their lifetime, while some have escaped unscratched to the other side of the world. Albeit to say, even stiffer judgements and penalties await them ahead from creator of the universe; The Incomparable and Supreme Almighty God. There is no bribery there. Everyone has to face their music and its intensity.

Everyday people are shedding tears of pain, hunger and sorrow, and these strongmen and strong-women are just turning a blind eye. They just don’t care. They have stolen more than enough to sustain their families for generations!

These perpetrators of human suffering are common in all the four corners of the world. They have never cared before, and they will just never care in future.

However, there is need for people to do a Critical Path Analysis, and see if they can change their lives for the better. It is now common knowledge that self-serving politicians and governments will never take a moment to consider other people. They need to be confronted with full force and made to pay heavily for their sins.

People of good morals should be given the chance to lead. Even Christians of today should know that they have a big role to play in politics and public governance.

The God of miracles, signs and wonders is also the God of politics. He demonstrated this throughout the Bible for noble causes. For example, when the heavenly throne was under political attack from Satan and his rebellious angelic followers, God sent Michael the archangel of defense to thwart the attack and diffuse the situation. In the Bible we also see God sending Moses to King Pharaoh to liberate the Israelites. That was a political assignment in which Moses won the battle of the kingdoms. At one time we also see God dethroning Saul and installing David as King of Israel. God has been central in politics, and He remains the God of politics too.

When people are crying out loud, they need to be heard. Ignoring their cries is extremely perilous to the rulers and their disciples. One day people will get tired. They will attack and bite them with no remorse.

One day all these perpetrators of misrule, violence, genocides, mass murders and other crimes against humanity will be made to pay heavily for their sins, either by design or by default. Certainly they will pay a heavy price.

Tapiwa Zuze

Quoting the iconic Dr. Iyanla Vanzant, in her recent outburst over the senseless killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis; “If people are trying to communicate something and they are not being heard or considered, they will YELL. If yelling is not heard, they will SCREAM. If screaming is not heard, they will ATTACK”. One day people will attack!!

To those who are wise enough, let them hear this clearly and plainly.

Tapiwa Zuze –

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