The Grace and Maturity to Manage Offences


Where God wants to take you, you should be able to manage offences.

Tapiwa Zuze

Jesus Christ couldn’t afford to have disciples that couldn’t handle problems.

God doesn’t want anything that the enemy throws at you to reduce you down. Do not keep grudges within your heart simply because you don’t have the strength to manage yesterday’s pain!!

The reason why you seem to continue to attract a wave of chronic diseases could be because you are carrying too much offenses in your heart. You are heavily loaded with other people’s problems with you. Hey, let them go! They are not your portion!

The cumulative effect of carrying too much weight will eventually kill you spiritually and physically. Look, you are now 40 years old but you still feel hatred about your parent’s lack of responsibility in raising you.

You are 50 years old right now but still feel the fresh pain of your dead uncle abused you when you were 10. As much as the act was horrible and unwelcome, but you have a future to live and enjoy. Why hold onto old painful memories that will only worsen your harboured misery. You are not doing yourself any favour. Instead, you are killing yourself!

Your current relationships are failing because you have never emotionally divorced yourself from your ex-boyfriends/ girlfriends. You are carrying the pains from those previous failed relationships and marriages. You are always tempted to liken your current boyfriend Jim to your ex-boyfriend Fred, and yet Jim doesn’t even know who Fred is. Your pillow is always wet every night because you are crying for a Susan who was married five years ago with someone, and they now have two children.

Tapiwa Zuze

Can’t you see that you are tying yourself to self-created chains of misery? You don’t deserve that chaotic lifestyle. Put all those pains and offences out of your bed, out of your head, out of your mind.

Let it go and see God raising you to another genuine standard of life. That bondage was never yours, so don’t harbour its pains.

Tapiwa Zuze –

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