Don’t Try To Erase Your Mistakes! Just Cross Them Out And Move On!


My mother! My father! My sister! My brother!

Tapiwa Zuze

What do you have inside of you? Is it hate or love? Violence or peace? Death or life? Capacity to build or witchcraft to destroy?

What have you acquired over the years? Team spirit or pull-down syndrome?

Because each person can only give what he or she has inside of them!

When I started using pen in my primary school days, I would frequently make mistakes in my writings. Within my childhood cleverness, I would then try hard to erase the mistake before submitting the exercise book to my teacher.

To erase the mistakes, I started using chalk to clean my mistake but it would later on re-appear. So I then shifted to using saliva. It would work, but only to leave terrible holes in my books. My teacher would then beat me up for being dirty. All this messy outlook was my endeavour to cover up my errors.

So one day, my lovely teacher sat me down alone in the classroom and said, “Anytime you make a mistake, don’t attempt to erase it. Just cross it and move on”. She further said, “Trying to erase your mistakes would only damage your book to nothing”.

I told her in protest that I don’t want people to see my mistakes. She laughed and replied, “Trying to erase your mistakes will make more people know about your how messy you are with your books and work”.

Have you made some mistakes in life? Cross them out and move on! Don’t expose yourself as a result of trying to cover your mistakes.

Tapiwa Zuze

Better things are ahead of you. Stay blessed.

Tapiwa Zuze –

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