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COVID-19, Coronavirus | Objects and Areas of Extreme Danger (Part 2)

The Center of Disease Control says the coronavirus can remain viable in some surfaces like card box, metal and fabric for some time. Whi...

The Center of Disease Control says the coronavirus can remain viable in some surfaces like card box, metal and fabric for some time.

While it is transmitted more effectively via droplets from an infected person when they sneeze and cough, it is best to be very wary of surfaces on which the virus can remain viable. More so in an office set-up where most things are shared.

Tapiwa Zuze

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13. Sanitizer:
So your office has placed sanitizer in every department? But how many people pick the container up and replace it in a day?

14. Money:
A lot of money gets exchanged in an office set-up, and not everyone follows that up with handwashing or sanitizer. It then becomes a serious transmitter of the virus, contaminating everyone who touches it, even after it has left the organization.

15. Office Cups:
Most of them are not disposable, which means they are shared. This is something to think about seriously.

16. Chargers:
If we all had a dollar for every time a workmate asks us to give them our chargers or USB cables we would be rich. People share chargers every time and again. Again, sharing the same is another big cause for concern.

17. Taps:
Once you are done washing your hands for a whole 20 seconds, if you immediately touch a faucet or tap that has been touched with an infected person it might hook you up with the virus.

18. Newspapers and Magazines:
Most offices have a shared newspapers and magazines that can act as a perfect conduit for the virus. Think twice about sharing these reading materials.

Tapiwa Zuze

19. Office Keys:
Be very wary when opening doors, lockers and common cabinets with shared keys. They may act as conduits for the spreading of the virus.

20. Air Freshener, Toilet Spray:
So you are done with business, washed your hands but you want to leave the toilet as clean as you found it so you reach out for the air freshener which has been touched by pretty much everyone in the office. That’s risky. Do tit with extreme caution.

21. Stapler:
For most offices, there usually is one or even two staplers to be shared among everyone in the office. Beware on sharing the same office equipment.

22. Keyboards and Mouses:
The next time you invite the IT guy over to help you with a problem on your computer, be very careful. They need to sanitize first before touching your computer.

23. Curtains and Other Fabrics:
Coronavirus can remain viable on fabric, so you may want to treat every shared fabric in the office with extreme caution.

24. Other Shared Surfaces:
They include light switch, Sellotape, chairs, CPUs, flash disks, printers, photocopiers and sockets.

Tapiwa Zuze

This articles clearly shows us that one can get infected with the virus from almost any physical object. The office convenes people from different places and areas, and you may never know who your colleagues have been interacting with. Potentially, you can even carry the virus to your homestead and infect everyone there. If we could possibly limit interactions, and even work from our homes.

Together WE CAN WIN THIS BATTLE against COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Adopted and edited by:

Tapiwa Zuze –

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