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The Presence Of Elders Is More Important Than Their Performance

The sons of the prophets decided to go to the river Jordan and cut down beams of trees to use in building a place of habitation. They th...

The sons of the prophets decided to go to the river Jordan and cut down beams of trees to use in building a place of habitation.

They then waved goodbye to Elisha the Prophet who granted them permission to go – 2 Kings 6:2.

Tapiwa Zuze

However, one of the young guys saw something that others did not. He was not content in just having the blessing and permission of Elisha. He literally begged him to accompany them physically to the river, which Elisha gladly accepted. 

As they were cutting down the trees, one of the young guys dropped his axe head into the river! These youngsters did not have the physical capability to look for the axe in the waters. It was literally impossible given the depth of the river and potential danger posed by prowling reptiles. To further complicate the situation at hand, the lost axe had been borrowed. It was not going to end well if the young guys go back home without that axe! Sow what were they going to do? 

Suddenly, Elisha (who was just seated all along watching the youngsters do the work) asked the young man, “Where did it fall?”2 Kings 6:6. After being shown, Elisha cut off a stick, threw it at that spot and made the axe head to float on top of water (what a miracle!). What seemed an insurmountable task became an easy assignment. Ummmm, what a powerful life lesson. 

While the sons of the prophets seemed intelligent guys, what most of them did not realise is that a blessing and permission only was not enough. They actually needed the physical presence of the senior citizen, Elisha the Prophet. The same applies in our lives today. In whatever assignments we do, do we take time to involve elders who are available to us? Because, as much as we seem to be intelligent and able bodied, there will come a time when rank and wisdom will unlock doors that intelligence and ability cannot. 

Bishop TD Jakes, in praying for Archbishop Alfred Owens, says; “Bishop, your presence is now much more important than your performance”. Elderly people might not be that attractive to work with because they usually lack the charisma and stamina of the younger generation. But having them constantly check on our endeavours will assist greatly in shaping our future results. They have seen it all; they have lived it all. Their words can change the atmosphere for the best. 

Tapiwa Zuze

May God lead you to connect with genuine senior people who will assist to make your destiny a better one. 

Tapiwa Zuze –

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