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Some Allowances and Benefits Churches Should Consider Giving To Their Pastors (Part 2)

Contrary to the public perception that pastors are “living large” at the expense of their flocks, the majority are actually some of the mo...

Contrary to the public perception that pastors are “living large” at the expense of their flocks, the majority are actually some of the most poor species under the sun. They are languishing in abject poverty, thereby misrepresenting the Kingdom of God which they stand for.

Tapiwa Zuze

Pastors are even funding ministry work from their own pockets. Even on rare occasions where pastors are on salary, the monetary package usually falls short of meeting the most basic of family requirements.

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Through my experience and professional exposure, I have compiled a list of some basic financial allowances and benefits that progressive churches may consider to provide to their pastors. Though you might not fully address them all at once, but making strides in adopting them gradually may go a long way in relieving your pastors of the financial stress they are currently going through.

7. Conference and Resource Allowance:
Pastors need to attend external conferences, particularly those being hosted by more senior servants of God. This helps them to learn and develop new skills and dimensions in their pastoral work. Exposure gives them the much-needed impetus to aim for higher and better standards. Even as they attend these conferences, they should also buy resources from other writers to assist them in their ministry and personal lives. They might exceed whatever allowance you give them, but help them cover some of these essential costs.

8. Travel and Subsistence Allowance:
Pastors do travel frequently for various reasons. But for ministry-related travel, the church should put up a budget to finance the travel costs. This requires proper research, especially on air tickets, documentation requirements, accommodation and internal transfers. The last thing the church would want to hear is that their pastor walked on foot in a foreign territory because he couldn’t afford a taxi. It so embarrassing, and extremely dangerous for him to live on other people’s benevolence in a foreign land.

9. Continuing Education Fund:
Every progressive church would like to see its pastor being equipped for the best delivery. The Law of The Lid by Dr. John Maxwell teaches us that the level of your leader determines the sealing levels of his followers. If your pastor’s highest education qualification is a diploma, chances are very high the majority of the followers will end their education at that level. Therefore, assisting your pastor in advancing his education is beneficial in both improving his delivery as well as creating a new sealing levels for the church.

10. Entertainment and Fellowship Allowance:
As your pastor begins to develop his societal and ministry profile, chances are very high that appointments with higher officials begins to increase. There could be new needs like holding a meeting in a hotel over a cup of coffee. It will be very embarrassing if your pastor is only being hosted, but cannot reciprocate. Generally, entertainment and fellowship is there to promote the church’s profile. Somehow, the church should consider approving a fund that assist the pastor in meeting some of these expenses.

Tapiwa Zuze

11. Communication Allowance:
Many pastors use their personal cell phones excessively in order to reach out to their church members. Sometimes they are not even in a position to calculate to know the extent of these costs because the phones usually serve a dual purpose – personal and church business. The church should make an effort to provide some funding towards communication costs. Such funding should also cover some basic access to internet and its related services.

12. Relocation Allowance:
This allowance is once-off, and is premised on the employee being transferred from one working geographical area to the other. It is meant to cover for the immediate inconvenience that arises out of changing a living environment. One loses their comfort, personal touch and local friendships. Because corporates pay the same when transferring its employees, why not do the same when a pastor is transferred? Remember, they also lose a lot of personal links through the transfers. Churches should consider doing the same to their pastors.

Church organisations, let us get out of the general stigma that a pastor should suffer in the vineyard. Pastors are professional messengers from God who are doing their “father’s business”. Just like what corporates do to their employees, let us also value them and aim to compensate fairly for their work and assignments here on earth. It is godly and should be embraced across the world.

May God help us in changing our mindsets.

Tapiwa Zuze –

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