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SANCTIFIED LIFE: The Twelve Worldly Systems (Part 2) – Bishop Pride Sibiya | 12 January 2020

The human body is a perfect example of how systems can integrate to form a complex juggernaut that can run over everything that comes alon...

The human body is a perfect example of how systems can integrate to form a complex juggernaut that can run over everything that comes along its route.

This article is a paraphrased extract from a message titled Sanctified Life, by Bishop Pride Sibiya ( – Presiding Bishop of Glory Ministries.

Tapiwa Zuze

Systems are not new. For instance, a human being has got the digestive system which is programmed to break down food articles into nutrients ready to be absorbed into the body stream. There is also the muscular system for muscle movement, endocrine system for hormonal balancing, respiratory system for breathing and gaseous exchange, immune system for health management, nervous system for impulse transmission, to mention but a few.

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In that same spirit, the world has also designed and perfected its own evil systems over the centuries, which are counterproductive to godly practices. The worldly systems have now captured the global scene, in display of human beings’ insatiable appetite for extremism. Immorality now reigns supreme, which now threatens even the continued human existence itself. Here are some of the world systems that requires you to re-look and see if you are not a victim of them.

7. Pastors’ Sleeping With Congregants:
This is one worldly system that has been smuggled through the pulpit and taken to deeper levels of application. The “papas” have now resorted to justify their shenanigans using the sacred name of God. To further complicate the practice, victims have now been cowed into acceptance because of fear of being “rejected by God” (sic). The same victims are also acting as the chief defense line of their “papa” in total exhibition of mind-capture. They will tell you “not to touch the anointed”. It is a sad scenario, and families are being destroyed by this worldly system. Are you not a victim of the same yourself? 

8. Not Tithing:
Many critics of tithing are resorting to the use of the Bible to try and “crash” the noble biblical practice. They argue, in their own way, that the law died on the cross with Jesus, and we are now living under the new dispensation of salvation and grace. Without getting much deeper with tithing (which is a complete syllabus on its own), its practice is not tied to the Mosaic Law. It was started by Abraham when he met Melchizedek the King of Salem, and he gave him 10% of his recurrent wealth (Genesis 14:18-20). Its practice is never tied up to the salvation of mankind, nor to their entering of heaven. If you practice it, God will open the heavens for you. If you don’t God will maintain a brass heaven for you. Simple! Don’t be captured in this baseless worldly system of demonizing tithing.

9. Mocking The Preaching Of The Gospel:
Another scary worldly system is the now common practice of mocking and demonizing the preaching of the gospel. People now treat evangelism as old fashioned. Instead, modern Christianity now has got people who want to preach in their comfort zones, with huge envelopes of honorariums following them. Even booking appointments with some pastors’ is now a chargeable practice. The gospel is no longer the centre of the Christian faith. It’s a shame. Let’s go back to the original mandate as given in Matthew 28:19-20.

10. Lack of Submission and Disloyalty:
The tragedy underlying lack of submission and disloyalty are the numerous human rights statutes that have been enacted the world over. Notwithstanding the principal problems that people intended to address, generally we have now taught everyone that they are free to express anything anyhow. Even a 10 year old child can now challenge and degrade an 80 year grandmother publicly without any remorse. Children can now freely bring in boyfriends and girlfriends, and sleep with them right under the watchful eyes of their powerless parents. This is now a heavily routed worldly system that has been perfected to reach alarming levels. Watch out! Don’t be a victim!

11. Hatred Among Brethren:
There is now some serious hatred arresting all humanity the world over. Siblings are hating one another, tribes hating fellow tribes, religions dissing each other, global super powers fighting never-ending wars. This world has become a blast furnace which cooks and dishes out loads of hatred. You have to be careful not be used as one of the vessels carrying the hatred propaganda. Be not a victim.

12. Bitterness Induced Teachings:
Tied up to hatred is the bowl of bitterness. A lot of people are advancing their bitterness-induced teachings, thereby stereotyping certain groups and classifications of people. God has taught us to love one another despite our differences. How has that noble tentacle been eroded over time? Why internationalize a domestic issue? It a sad reality that we have to do away with. If you have fallen victim already, repent today!

Tapiwa Zuze

After all has been said and done, you still remain a child of God who is loved unconditionally by your creator. You may have been a victim of most of these worldly systems, ask for forgiveness from God and move forward on a clean slate. Denounce these practices and live a holy life.

May God remember you as you toil in this world.

Tapiwa Zuze –

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