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SANCTIFIED LIFE: The Twelve Worldly Systems (Part 1) – Bishop Pride Sibiya | 12 January 2020

The human body is a perfect example of how systems can integrate to form a complex juggernaut that can run over everything that comes alon...

The human body is a perfect example of how systems can integrate to form a complex juggernaut that can run over everything that comes along its route.

Tapiwa Zuze

Systems are not new. For instance, a human being has got the digestive system which is programmed to break down food articles into nutrients ready to be absorbed into the body stream. There is also the muscular system for muscle movement, endocrine system for hormonal balancing, respiratory system for breathing and gaseous exchange, immune system for health management, nervous system for impulse transmission, to mention but a few.

This article is a paraphrased extract from a message titled Sanctified Life, by Bishop Pride Sibiya ( – Presiding Bishop of Glory Ministries.

In that same spirit, the world has also designed and perfected its own evil systems over the centuries, which are counterproductive to godly practices. The worldly systems have now captured the global scene, in display of human beings’ insatiable appetite for extremism. Immorality now reigns supreme, which now threatens even the continued human existence itself. Here are some of the world systems that requires you to re-look and see if you are not a victim of them.

1. Corruption:
Everything that one intends to achieve nowadays requires some connections, if you don’t have connections then you should be prepared to part ways with a “brown envelope” attain the same. Be it employment opportunities, cheaper air tickets or hotel accommodation, passport applications, drivers’ licenses, university study places, or even passing examinations. Corruption has now been sanitized even by the highest offices in the land. You can only rebel against them at your own peril. Be on the lookout, lest you are a victim.

2. Sexual Immorality:
Gone are the days when sexual purity defined the adolescence stage. Teenagers are no longer focused primarily on their studies. The world has embedded sexual immorality within the latter days’ generations. Remaining sexually inactive can make you to be sidelined, being accused of failing to “move with times”. Virginity is no longer an issue at all. Sex is being parceled out freely, more so outside the marriage veils. One gets married after having multilateral sexual encounters. Are you not a victim of this? Repent today.

3. Hero Worshipping:
Human beings are now being perceived to be more powerful than God himself. We now have cases where some societal and religious leaders are being worshipped in broad daylight. People are giving more reverence, respect and honour to fellow mortal beings than to the creator himself. This is a worldly system that has been perfected over the centuries in order to deify certain people and offices of authority. There is prevalent use of juju in these practices even to the extent of brainwashing the victims. Sadly, even in churches these practices are common. Trying to dismantle this can threaten your earthly existence. Are you not a victim of circumstances? Examine yourself.

4. Politics On The Pulpit:
The pulpit is meant to parcel out the good news of Jesus Christ, not to advance politics and factions within the church. Sadly, this has become the case nowadays. People are being dissected left, right and centre falling victim to the political power struggles within the church. Further to that, even politicians are now being granted unreserved access to the pulpit to spread their vitriol to the church and public at large. It is now almost impossible to dismantle. Check yourself. Are you not a victim of the same?

5. Disrespect Of Holy Things:
The church has now been “modernised” (sic). Some of the things that were regarded as sacred are now being stepped onto by every Jack and Jill. You can find people who had immoral sexual encounters the previous night stepping onto the pulpit and endeavouring to preach “holiness” to the congregants. Just because nothing seems to happen to them physically, it becomes more of a religious tradition in the long run. Are you not captured in this worldly system? Look yourself in the spiritual mirror.

6. Same Sex Marriages:

Whenever we face challenges with understanding doctrinal issues, the best is to apply the Law of First Mention. This brings us to a clear understanding of the original intention of why something was started in the first place. In Genesis 2:21-24, God solemnized the first marriage between a man and a woman (heterosexual). Whatever that follows thereafter clearly demonstrates what God intended to be achieved through a marriage, and what he intended for human beings to follow thereafter. Anything else that is not in tandem to God’s original intention is perverse, and must not be entertained in the world of purity. This is so despite the popularity of same-sex marriages. Popularity doesn’t something right in the eyes of God. I pray that you do not fall into this highly powerful worldly system. Are we together?

Tapiwa Zuze

Watch out for Part 2 of the article.

After all has been said and done, you still remain a child of God who is loved unconditionally by your creator. You may have been a victim of most of these worldly systems, ask for forgiveness from God and move forward on a clean slate. Denounce these practices and live a holy life.

May God remember you as you toil in this world.

Tapiwa Zuze –

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