I’m Lucky To Wake-Up Alive Every Day – Bill Shankly


Bill Shankly is regarded as the greatest Liverpool FC manager of all time.

He is highly credited with transforming the team from being an obscure entity in the English lower divisions to becoming a European football powerhouse over the fifteen years that he presided over the Merseyside (1959 – 1974).

Tapiwa Zuze

Shankly endeared himself so much with the Liverpool fans to the extent that it was common practice to always hear the iconic insights “Shankly! Shankly! Shankly!” being chanted every-time the Liverpool legend entered the Anfield Stadium. Up until today, Bill Shankly remains legendary figurehead whose successes are still talked about even decades after his passing on in 1981. Testimony to that is the statue erected in Anfield Stadium as well as the Shankly Gates which are used to enter into the Centenary Stand via the Anfield Road. 

One day, during an interview with Mavis Nicholson on Thames Television, Bill Shankly was asked a very pertinent question which most of us take lightly even when we give our trademark answers. 

“What is the greatest attribute that you think you possess as a human being?” asked Mavis Nicholson. 

“Being able to wake up (alive) every day and do what I want to do. I am lucky to be able to do that” responded Bill Shankly without thinking twice. 

Many times successful people tend to attribute their achievements to their own personal abilities without recognising the fundamental input of God in their lives. They will tell you I am brave, optimistic, calculative, patient, enduring, analytic and other attractive superlatives. Rarely do some acknowledge the divine contribution that enables them to live their so-called abilities. 

Life Lesson From Bill Shankly: 
Regardless of one’s personal exploits, the fundamental attribute that drives expression of abilities is the fact that you wake up alive to do what you want to do. Without being accorded the gift of life, you cannot express anything in that mortal body. 

For whatever you are doing, take time to recognise the divinity that gives you breathe to express your God-given abilities. 

That’s the ‘gospel’ according to Bill Shankly. 

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