Flourishing Where You Are Planted - The Tale Of Two Trees


One day I was at the river bank, checking through the beauty of the plants whose survival depends on the river’s benevolence. The river was bubbling, oozing with life from all angles. 

Tapiwa Zuze

During that escapade, I came across two contrasting images that stole my focus and kept me thinking hard. There were two distinct trees that had grown on this river bank. Judging by their sizes, these trees had been on this river bank for decades together. What intrigued me most was that one seemed to flourish a lot while the other resembled a dead plant with nothing to show for its efforts. This did not make sense to me because these trees had access to the same resources. They were at the same river bank, with access to the same water body, same nutrients, same sunlight, same winds and same carbon dioxide to mention a few of resources at their disposal. How on earth did they become so distinct, both in stature and appearance? 

As I reflected on what could possibly have happened, I then reflected on the following statements of wisdom: 

  1. Some people blossom where others seem to struggle. 
  2. While some people could literally be swimming in deep opportunities; sometimes they lack the vision, wisdom and maturity to discover and exploit them to their benefit. 
  3. Flourishing is not just a matter of where you are planted, but it’s a function of the grace of God. 

Tapiwa Zuze

My prayer for the next ten year cycle (2020 – 2030) is that: 

  1. You flourish wherever you are planted, regardless of the circumstances. 
  2. Your dreams be watered and tailor-made for genuine success.
  3. You attract God’s favour to bring depth, respect and honour to your life.
  4. Where competitiveness is abound, you be the standout one. 

For the next ten year cycle, remained rooted in God’s favour and attract the grace that will propel you to dizzy heights. With God you are guaranteed to make it; without God your life could be miserable. 

Tapiwa Zuze – www.tapiwazuze.com

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