Crossing Over With Jesus Christ On Your Side


Every year people cross-over from one calendar year to the other; from one season to the other. 

Tapiwa Zuze

However, even as they do so, they continue facing a plethora of challenges time after time. In a state of confusion, some have resorted to frequently change their goals to suit their circumstances, while others have resigned everything to fate. The seeds of greatness have wilted and success is now out of reach for many. Instead, people are now bent on eavesdropping on successful people’s lives, scapegoating, multiple sinning, little or no prayer and starving their souls even from the word of God. 

Jesus Christ is aware of the various storms derailing people’s lives. He is challenging us to cross-over with him to the other side – Mark 4:35. As believers, we have to listen attentively and obey God’s word. 

To guarantee our future, let us use Jesus as our campus in crossing over from ordinary to extraordinary; from the natural into the supernatural. Though we are called by his name, but we are not immune to earthly challenges, mishaps, illnesses and other storms of life. 

It takes much more effort to cross-over. One has to wean themselves from certain people and behavioural patterns. Jesus is ready to stand in that gap to assist us. 

This is the season to experience the living word, and eating the good of the land. We want the presence of God to manifest in our lives. We will radiate more with Jesus on our side. 

Tapiwa Zuze

Wish you superfluous enjoyment after crossing over with Jesus Christ. 

Tapiwa Zuze –

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