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Testifying About Bishop Pride Sibiya – Honouring The Grace That Changed My Friend’s Life Forever

In the year 2015, a female workmate and personal friend (name withheld for professional reasons) came into my office and saw the Glory Min...

In the year 2015, a female workmate and personal friend (name withheld for professional reasons) came into my office and saw the Glory Ministries 2014 Calendar still stuck on my wall, imprinted with yesteryear’s theme of “MEGA SOULS”.

Tapiwa Zuze

My friend was desiring for certain breakthroughs in her life, and God spoke to her right there in my presence to start tithing US$ 100 per month into Glory Ministries for three consecutive months. She was convinced within her heart that she needed to sow into our church and partner with the grace that God has placed upon my father, Bishop Pride Sibiya. Her biggest attraction, as she explains her story, was our ministry’s primary focus on “MEGA SOULS”; which happens to be the prerogative of Jesus Christ and his ultimate sacrifice on the cross. When you partner with bringing souls to Jesus then you are partnering with something that is permanently on God’s heart.

For three consecutive months; September, October and November 2015; my friend did exactly as God had spoken to her in my office on that day. She paid US$ 100 every month, and got all her three receipts from the then Glory Ministries’ Chief Finance Officer, Overseer Brighton Madziro. Even today, the ministry’s official financial records can attest to the occurrence of these transactions.

At home my friend took time to pray with her receipts, and come February 2016; three months after her seeding into Glory Ministries; her husband (who was facing possible retrenchment at his construction company in Harare) received a phone call at his workplace. The couple went together and received the greatest news they never anticipated.
  1. The husband’s retrenchment notice had been nullified and rescinded.
  2. The husband had now been promoted to be the Country Engineer, in charge of the company’s engineering operations in Zimbabwe.
  3. The company house in Waterfalls Suburb, where they were now meant to vacate after the retrenchment, had suddenly been given to them as a thank you for the husband’s 10 years of committed service. The house was then valued at about US$ 400,000.
  4. Having transformed the Waterfalls company house into their name, the company had now decided to move the couple to another company house in Highlands Suburb; a house far much bigger and better than their Waterfalls house.
  5. If you compare their US$ 300 investment into the ministry, and their US$ 400,000 worth of a house, it just defeats any earthly logic! Sowing something and repeating 1,332 times bigger? Add to this the retained job, the promotion and other impending salaries and allowances; then you have a true understanding of how God’s grace works!
This is one such testimony among many, where somebody’s life was changed through the grace carriers of Glory Ministries. Ladies and gentlemen, we have true and genuine servants of God in our time; Bishop Pride Sibiya and Pastor Anna Tendayi Sibiya. God has placed his seal of Apostleship upon their lives, and this has been confirmed in many ways over the years. In this particular case we have a couple who believed in and received from the same grace. They have never seen nor met Bishop Pride Sibiya in person, but spiritual transactions happened in between them.

Tapiwa Zuze

On 8 December 2019, Glory Ministries will be hosting the Founders Day, in celebrating the lives of our father and mother. You are free to join us and partake in the same grace and anointing that has worked miracles, signs and wonders for others. We will be appreciating them in cash, kind or otherwise in recognition of their roles as our spiritual parents and God’s own elect.

Take out your seed today and put in on the anointed feet of the great servants of God.

Tapiwa Zuze –

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