Stone of Vengeance – The Enemy Who Is Not Your Enemy


Many times people have been adamant to throw a stone of vengeance. They have been wired and programmed to “love friends” and to “hate enemies”.

Tapiwa Zuze

When the baboons and monkeys heard that the man who used to chase them away from the maize field had died, they hysterically celebrated. They were so much relieved that eventually their number one enemy was no longer there to stop them from their field escapades.

In the following year, the baboons and monkeys discovered that there was no longer any crops being planted in the fields. They painfully realised that the dead man was the farmer who made it possible for them to eat all these years. What had started as a joyous moment a few months before, had now been transformed into a sombre atmosphere of despair and regret.

Unless all conditions have been analysed and revealed to the fullest, learn to live with your enemies. You might reject them now because of your perceptions and experiences, but soon you may realise that they were the only pillars you needed to take you to another level.

Tapiwa Zuze

Not all enemies are enemies. Some are mere wailers. Others are imaginary haters.

Let’s love one another despite our differences and weaknesses.

May God bless you all.

Tapiwa Zuze –


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