You Have The Creative Power Inside You


In Genesis 1:26-28 we see God creating mankind in "his image and likeness". 

Tapiwa Zuze

It must be put on record that God will never do for you the things that he deposited in you to do. For instance, no matter how anointed you are you still have to cook your own sadza and relish, and eat it yourself. Failure to do that you will die of hunger right in the presence of God an the anointing! God will never feed you physically because he knows you can do it. 

The same God gave us trees, but if we want tables and benches from the same trees then we have to do it ourselves. He gave us iron, rubber and other minerals underneath the earth, if we want to build posh cars then we have to do it ourselves. 

If we want computers we have to sit down, think and build them ourselves. 

So when we say we depend 100% on God, it's about divine policy and direction of the Holy Spirit. It's not about the actual doing because that one we were given the creative power to do it ourselves. 

Tapiwa Zuze

From today onwards please don't over-spiritualise things, trying to sound "holier-than-thou" . Do what you are supposed to do and leave that which is beyond you to God. 

May God help you understand this fact of life.

Tapiwa Zuze - 

Tapiwa Zuze

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