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What You Imagine Is What You Become – The Steve Harvey Story

Every day you wake up in the morning, it’s a sure sign that God is not done with you yet on this planet earth. As long as you wake up it ...

Every day you wake up in the morning, it’s a sure sign that God is not done with you yet on this planet earth.

Tapiwa Zuze

As long as you wake up it means he has something for you that he hasn’t been able to give you so far, for whatever the reason.

Albert Einstein once said - “Imagination is everything. It is the preview to life’s coming attraction”. If you think about that statement, it summarises everything about one’s achievements in life or lack thereof. Everything we see today came through somebody’s imagination. Everything!

One day, somebody was talking on the wall phone connected by a code, and tried to walk to walk out of the house but couldn’t. Then he just imagined that I wish I could take this phone outside the house. Today, almost everybody owns a cellphone. It came through someone’s imagination.

Somebody got tired of walking or driving a car, and said I wish I could fly. Today, we are all flying in huge airplanes in the air. It surely didn’t make any sense at the time it was imagined, but it was accomplished and today we are enjoying the comfort of airplanes. Your imagination is evidence of things not seen. This is because you are the only one who can see it.

All this stuff you have been imagining was not just mere dreaming. It’s actually God showing you a preview of a coming attraction he has for you. Ask yourself why do you keep imagining yourself living in a palace? Why imagine yourself as a company CEO? Why imagine yourself at the controls of a Boeing 777 airplane? Why keep on imaging yourself holding the FIFA Soccer World Cup in your hands? Why keep on imagining being a President of your country? Why keep on imaging yourself as an Archbishop? Why keep imagining holding a Nobel Prize in Literature? Why keep on imagining leading a mega-church in your country’s CBD? The reason is simple: God wants you to really have it.

The biggest problem is you keep telling your imagination to the wrong people. If you want to kill a big dream, tell it to the small minded person. Think about this, how many times have you had this incredible idea, and took it to your family and friends? And they all just shot it down. You know why…… because they couldn’t see it. It wasn’t their fault at all. They were never given that imagination by God. It was your evidence of things not seen, not theirs.

You real life is in your imagination. You have to start working on your imagination today.

Tapiwa Zuze

The Steve Harvey Ordeal
“When I was 10 years old in class, I wrote that when I grow up I want to be on TV. My challenge though was that I had a serious stuttering problem. I couldn’t talk outside my house. So the teacher went around the room grabbing everybody’s paper. Other classmates had written awesome dreams…. doctor, lawyer, dentist, basketball player, actor… I simply wrote I wanted to be on TV. My teacher saved my paper for last. She asked me to come to the front, only to humiliate me. ‘Steve why did you write this on paper?’ she questioned me. I was now stuttering failing to answer her. ‘Who in this school has been on TV? Who in your family has been on TV? Who in your neighbourhood has been on TV? Look at you standing there you can’t even talk and you say you want to be on TV?’ She fired me with many questions I couldn’t even answer”, Steve Harvey narrated his ordeal. “So now, after making it big on TV, I send her a flat screen TV every Christmas so she doesn’t miss me on any of my shows”.

Tapiwa Zuze

The Steve Harvey ordeal has happened to many other people, but those who continued glued on their imaginations have become great successes and inspirational stories.

Continue on your journey of imaginations, act on them, and it shall be well one day.

Tapiwa Zuze –

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