The Kingdom of God Is All About Management - Dr. Myles Munroe


Dr. Myles Egbert Munroe (OBE) stands tall as one of the greatest Kingdom Leadership gurus ever to walk on this planet. He left a legacy and footprints of success and achievements spread all over the world. 

Tapiwa Zuze

In trying to explain what made him such a global icon, below is one such profound teaching extract (paraphrased) from one of his publications. 

Religious people think that God uses emotions. They think that He will somehow feel sorry for us and give us resources to use in life. No ways, God uses principles, and one of the key principles in this life is the Principle of Management... A lot of people have asked me how I have managed to build a powerful global organisation sitting in over hundred countries just from seven people. The answer is simple; I did not do this because I am trained in theology, but I have managed to do so because I have a master's degree in business management. The Kingdom of God is all about management, and if you don't know how to manage resources then there is nowhere you will make it. Right from creation, we see God creating man to manage the earth. It has always remained like that... Manage, manage, manage!!

What a powerful teaching from Dr. Myles Munroe.

Tapiwa Zuze -

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