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Some Reasons That Delay Daughters To Get Married – Bishop Pride Sibiya & Pastor Anna Sibiya

Your value as a daughter is not in any man but in God Almighty. Valuing the same God will help you because marriage is a creation of this...

Your value as a daughter is not in any man but in God Almighty.

Valuing the same God will help you because marriage is a creation of this Great Creator. Here are some reasons that may delay your marriage. Please deal with them. Take every point with critical and balanced mindset, and reassess your situation.

Tapiwa Zuze

(Adopted and edited from notes delivered on 25 November 2014).
  1. Generational curses. For every spiritual impediment shared here, you will need deliverance. 
  2. Spirit husbands/goblins, avenging spirits and sexual bluetooth (mubobobo).
  3. Curses. Words spoken against your marriage; “You will never marry!".
  4. Marine/water spirits.
  5. Raising your expectations too high that no man can match your standard. When you announce that you will be married by a man worth a million dollars, the one worth a hundred thousand dollars will not attempt to approach you.
  6. Being too selective. Whilst you should not be desperate and not just accept anyone, but being too selective can hinder your progress in marriage.
  7. Laziness. Some girls are too spoiled that they can't even do anything in the house, or even in church. After conferences, while others clean-up the place and dishes, you rush off home protecting your manicure. You are under observation!
  8. Lack of confidence. Confidence is more “sexy” than a mini-skirt. Have confidence. However being over-confident can put off some potential candidates.
  9. Dressing. African men will remain African. Even if they are impressed by what they see when you are wearing revealing shorts or clothes, they normally will not love to be associated with a woman whose all-private is public. Keep private parts private, not public.
  10. Words that you use. Some ladies are so rough in the way they talk to people around them that men fear, “Will she be able to respect me?” Remember men crave respect and if they just doubt your ability to honour them they flee.
  11. Rumours. Men are simply put off by ladies who bad-mouth others.
  12. Having too many relationships. Dating 10 men in 2 years will not do you any good to your love CV, just like having the same number of jobs would do.
  13. Committing your body to every man you date. Just like girls, men sit and discuss women. Once one brags about his sexual prowess and exploits with you, a pale cloud hangs over you to those who hear.
  14. Being too much of daddy's/mama's girl. Men do not want your fights to end up with your parents in them. Men are egoistic and are generally afraid to be compared to any other man, your father included.
  15. Depending on family wealth and parents’ legacy. This puts a man into inferiority complex. Men want to feel in control and feel fearful when everything you say is in reference to how rich you are.
  16. Taking care of every financial need for your boy. Even when you are more prosperous than your guy never make him your dependent. God wired men to work and provide for women. When men do not live by this they see you as their mother, become promiscuous, and take your money to marry another lady. Don't say, papa and mama never warned you.
  17. “Being hydrophobic”. Hydro is water, phobia means hatred. This is usually used on people who do not love bathing that much. No matter how spiritual you are, smelling bad is a put off.
  18. Religious spirit. Some ladies think being religious and being spiritual are the same. There are ladies whom you can't even discuss current affairs with because they are always “in the Spirit!” Boys are even afraid to propose because the ladies will release fire on the spirit of lust! Saka unonyengeka sei manje mwanangu?
  19. Being too secluded. No matter what, being an anti-social person will create problems for you. You have no friends, walk away when church just finishes, do not attend camps, do nothing in church, and stay indoors or your office. Do you want your husband to prophesy that there is a girl at so and so number? Avail yourself, be sociable. Be close to social leaders.
Tapiwa Zuze
There are many more reasons for you to ponder on.

Me and Mama hold hands and ask God: “Lord according to your prophetic word, please bless our reader with a spouse and a proper marriage, a great wedding and family. Give them a life full of your fear, vigour and vitality, in Jesus' name. Amen”.

We love you so much.

Bishop Pride Sibiya & Pastor Anna Sibiya

Tapiwa Zuze –

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