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Life Is A Moving Shadow | Doing Your Best Within Your Earthly Timelines

Our views of time differ from region to region, country to country, place to place and race to race. The two broader categories of ...

Our views of time differ from region to region, country to country, place to place and race to race.

Tapiwa Zuze

The two broader categories of viewing time are based on: 

  1. Those who view time as cyclical (time repeats itself, and it will give you another chance to make it up in life). 
  2. Those who view time as chronological (time is sequential, and once it lapses it will never be recovered back). 
The two broader categories are circumstantial, and they depend so much on a number of factors to be considered. 

However, whether one believes in the cyclical or chronological time, the underlying factor is that every creature was given limited time on earth. Everything assigned to a human being has got to be undertaken and completed within the given earthly timelines of existence. Beyond that it is a territory of the Almighty God to manage. We don’t have the jurisdiction to manage anything beyond the human realm. 

We have a tragedy of time management under the sun. People behave like as if they own the life-giving machine. They tend to be reckless in managing their bodies which the bible refers to as the temple of the Holy Spirit. Time and again, we see great potential being buried without having done anything worth referencing. They die without serving God, with no education, no marriage, no assets, and no employment. 

The greatest service to humanity is to deliver to the world what God packaged in you for us to enjoy even for his glory. You need to publish those classic books, teach us those theories of life, release those music albums, deliver those timely counselling sessions, encourage the faint-hearted, preach the message of salvation through the blood of Jesus, start that niche-market business, and assist the disadvantaged people of this world. 

We learn so much from one of Zimbabwe’s finest sports journalists of our time; the late Chengetai Ditima. He used to anchor a number of sports shows, and his trademark parting shot was always as follows: “Life is but a moving shadow, one minute is there the next it’s not. So live each day as if it is indeed your very very last”

Chengetai Ditima never lived much on this planet earth. God called him to glory at the prime of his sports reportage profession. We learnt so much from him, particularly from hi iconic quotable quote. 

While you still have life today, kindly action all your mandates. You just have today because tomorrow is never guaranteed to you. 

Tapiwa Zuze

Until next time; God bless. 

Tapiwa Zuze –

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