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Helping Your Child Take Responsibility – Key Parental Duty

Being a parent is possibly the biggest God-assigned task anyone can have. This is because God would have entrusted you with a very young s...

Being a parent is possibly the biggest God-assigned task anyone can have. This is because God would have entrusted you with a very young soul, whose successive progress in life depends on the foundations that you lay out for them.

Tapiwa Zuze

Today the world is full of adults who are very irresponsible, and are constantly nagging their fellow colleagues, simply because there was no proper grounding and parenting that was done during their foundation years. 

There are many ways in which a parent can teach their children to be responsible in life. Below are some of the key ones that need to be permanently engraved in them as they grow up. 

1. Let Your Child Answer For Themselves: 
It is necessary to give your child the space to respond for themselves if they are asked questions. This is vital for developing their intellectual and communication skills. A child should not feel intimidated by people’s questions. Early in their lives they should know that questions and answers are part of humanity. If they do not get that opportunity they might grow up closed off from interactions from other people, which could be a disaster for them. 

2. Teach Them Self-Discipline: 
Your child should learn to do all the necessities by themselves. Things like brushing their teeth, putting their toys away, doing their homework, and eating on time and in right quantities. Especially on food, a child must be taught that they cannot just open the fridge and eat anything anytime they want. They have to be disciplined enough to sit down and eat their food before they go out to play. Of course, they might not be able to grasp all these things at once, but as they grow up put a close eye on how they are mastering them. 

3. Teach Them To Develop Self-Dependence: 
Children need to be taught self-dependence on things like washing their pants, washing their socks, dressing themselves, arranging their school bags, polishing their shoes and tying their shoelaces. At first it appears like you are being too hard on them, but this is life. Anything can happen to you as a parent, and who will continue to pamper them in life? They have to be taught self-dependence. Only be alert to rescue them when you can see that the load could be heavy for them. 

Tapiwa Zuze

4. Let Them Move Alone: 
In principle, it is not advisable to follow your child everywhere they go. As they grow up they should learn to go to school alone, get into the bus and understand their roads and neighbourhood set-up. Early in their travel lives they definitely need your general guidance and supervision even in understanding the rules of movement. Teach them that they must not get into strangers’ cars, they must not play in the road or railway line, they must not go out without communicating, teach them the meanings of basic road signs and robots, and rules governing travelling as a pedestrian. However, they will later on grasp and develop in these issues. Give them the space to move and observe their judgements from a distance. 

5. Give Children The Opportunity To Choose For Themselves: 
It is always tempting to choose what is “best” for your child. This could be on their dresses, shorts, snickers, toys and hairstyles. But as the children grow up, learn to give them the opportunity to choose what they want. Even if you think it’s not the best type or quality, just try to advise them. They have to learn to make their own choices. Eventually they will come good on it, and surprise you with some of the best choices ever. Let them develop their sense of taste on making choices. 

6. Give Children Room To Make Mistakes: 
Children are supposed to be given a reasonable room to make mistakes, even break some stuff at home. Yes, break some cups and plates! Try not to patronize your children excessively. Simply take time to explain to them the dangers of certain things in life. However, you cannot give them a chance on dangerous things. Tell them explicitly that fire burns, knives and razor bales will cut you, electricity kills and if they play in water ponds they will drown. But on some small stuff at home, let them make mistakes. They need that even to prepare for their adult lives where they will certainly meet many mistakes and disappointments. 

Tapiwa Zuze

Above all, let us love our children and teach them to me morally, socially, spiritually and psychologically strong. We love them, but God loves them even more! 

May God make you a good parent. 

Tapiwa Zuze –

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