Capture, Subdue, Brutalise and Control Them – The Joseph Stalin Way of Leadership


During the Soviet Union era of brutal dictatorship, the revered former Soviet statesman, Joseph Stalin, once came to a senior political party meeting holding a live chicken in his hands. 

In the full glare of other meeting delegates, he began to pluck off its feathers one by one. The live chicken wriggled in excruciating pain, with blood oozing profusely from its pores where feathers had been pulled off. The chicken gave out heartbreaking cries, writhing with pain, but Stalin continued plucking off its feathers without showing any signs of remorse. In a few minutes, the chicken was now fully soaked in blood as all its feathers had been plucked off. 

Tapiwa Zuze

Stalin threw the bloodied chicken on the ground, took some chicken feed from his pockets and started to throw it at the blood-soaked chicken. The chicken began to feed from the food grains. And as Stalin began to deliberately walk away, the poor chicken followed him, and ended up sitting on his feet now feeding directly from his hand. 

Stalin then explained the brutal lesson to his party leadership (paraphrased). 

“This chicken represents the people out there; the masses; the electorate. The whole strategy is for you to dis-empower them first, brutalise them, beat them up and leave them in confusion like what I did to this poor chicken. When they are in such a helpless and desperate situation, even if you give them peanuts, they will still follow you blindly for the rest of their lives. They will literally begin to feed from your hand, and at the back of their minds they think you are a hero. They will quickly have forgotten that you are the very same person who brought them into that painful and miserable situation in the first place. That’s the only way to subdue and control the people you lead. Comrades, I rest my case”. 

This is a typical case study of the leadership style people are facing today the world over. They continue to support and pamper the very same people who sucked blood out them! 

Let’s see if you can relate to this sickening modern day dictatorship style from whichever area you come from. 

Acknowledgements: “The General” Eric Knight. 

Adopted and edited by Tapiwa Zuze –

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