Loving Yourself – The Most Important Step To A Fulfilling Life

Tapiwa Zuze

Every time you hear someone say to you “I LOVE YOU”, you need to be very careful of that statement.

The Bible commands us to “Love your neighbour as yourself” – Mark 12:31. So before accepting someone’s love proposal or offer to you; you need to be sure of how they love themselves first.

Some people damage their bodies with illicit drugs, some are chain smokers who are busy infecting their lungs and the entire respiratory system, some spend most of their time sleeping around with multiple sexual partners, some cut their flesh with razor blades as they decorate their bodies with evil tattoos, some do not even bath their bodies, some do this and that.

You have to be extremely careful before accepting people’s love offers in your life. There is nowhere that they can treat you better than they treat themselves. If they ever promise you so, then it will be a blue lie!

Tapiwa Zuze

Your journey into self-love will never be an easy one. It takes a very strong individual to sit down with themselves, calm all their storms, and heal all of their issues without trying to bring someone else into that chaos. The problem is people do not want to take full responsibility over their issues. They want to blame everyone else except themselves.

Take a bold step today and begin to love yourself. The moment you win that individual battle, you are guaranteed to love others in a better way.

Love yourself first; love other people later.

Tapiwa Zuze – www.tapiwazuze.com

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