Beware My Friend | You Cannot Trust Your Feelings

Tapiwa Zuze

Feelings are an integral part of our earthly livelihood system. They arouse different types of emotions depending on the events and circumstances that one has passed through in life. Feelings are an emotional response to what happened in the past.

However, as much we have natural feelings in our earthly breathe, we have to learn to manage them for our own good. More often than not, feelings go divergent ways with praise, faith and logic. Reliance on the same could heap untold suffering to a beautiful soul.

Listen my friend, do not define yourself by your feelings. Your feelings cannot be trusted at all no matter how particular you feel about them. This is because feelings are a conglomerate of your yesteryear experiences and tragedies. They are built on history, not future potential and destiny. Feelings are a yardstick that connects you backwards to your failures and limitations. They tie your beautiful soul to a blast furnace of negative thoughts.

Whenever you catch feelings about yourself, you then begin to visualize how your mother died, how your father betrayed you, how you got raped by your uncle, how your former fiancée dumped you, how your boss connived with your fellow colleagues to set you up for failure, how your pastor duped you, how you have experienced massive heartbreaks through your journey of life, and many other bad historical escapades.

Tapiwa Zuze

There is nothing really positive to expect from your feelings. They are there to lie to you that your past defines your future. The end result is that you will be completely hurt and worn out; living in a somber atmosphere with tears streaming down your cheeks.

What you need in life is praise to God.

What you need in life is to trust your Creator.

What you need in life is faith in the abilities of God Almighty.

Your destiny lies in the hands of your maker not your capabilities. He knows why he created you. Your story was already written in the spiritual realm. Download the blueprint from your Creator and begin to build over your life.

God uses whatever means that he desires to make you a success story.

From today onwards, do not lean on your feelings. Lean on your Creator and he will manage your life for the better.

God loves you!

Tapiwa Zuze –

Tapiwa Zuze

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