Be Careful | Don't Bite More Than What You Can Chew


The activities of life require that you properly follow all the steps required, more so in their sequential order.

The practice of “cutting corners” is both dangerous and counterproductive to one’s personal growth and development. 

Tapiwa Zuze

One way or the other we have come across people who seem to be overzealous in their quest to achieve instant super-stardom. They want everything in their paths to happen “faster faster”. They have grown up to the world dominated by instant porridge, instant noodles, instant texts, instant payments, instant cameras, instant this and that. They presuppose that all things have to be instant for them! 

Expecting things to happen “faster faster” is a perilous preposition. There are natural sequences to be followed in life. For instance; a child has to be born, breast-fed, learn to crawl and walk, go to crèche, undergo primary education, graduate in high school, acquire first degree, work, marry, have children and so on. When you see a primary school child resorting to dating then there is something totally wrong either with that child or the vicinity that surrounds him/her. 

Laid out processes of life are meant to manage the shock that comes with sudden changes. The processes could be painful and boring, but they are meant to prepare you for the next level. Some years ago I read about a girl who had given birth at 14 years of age and permanently damaged her bladder. Urine would just come out anytime anyhow even in full glare of the public. Whatever her circumstances were, the bottom line is that at 14 years of age her body was not yet ready to carry and give birth to a child. 

Tapiwa Zuze

Ladies and gentlemen; let us not rush to bite what we cannot chew. Let’s not be driven by peer pressure or competition to rush into things that are too big for us. By following laid out due processes of life, one day we will be priviledged to have those things when we are mature enough. Some of the things we seem so eager to get early in our lives may actually prove to be our nemesis. We can be killed by the same things that should have been blessings to us. 

Live a life of patience; and learn to wait for the right time. 

Stay blessed. 

Tapiwa Zuze –

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