HEAR THIS - You Get What You Tolerate

You Get What You Tolerate

Hear this; and hear me well!

When someone is disrespectful towards you; politely excuse yourself and walk away from their vicinity.

It is actually a very powerful statement to walk away.

It sends a clear message that what they have done to you is unacceptable within your parameters.

It sends a clear signal that you do not tolerate that which is not compatible to you.

You are a unique person who is special in his/her own way.

Do not be taken for a ride by someone else.

You have what it takes to stand for yourself.

Stand on your principles and respect God your creator.

If you continue tolerating that which is not for you, the same will keep coming your way.

It is important to hear this: YOU GET WHAT YOU TOLERATE!

You are special in your own way.

Value yourself.

Tapiwa Zuze (www.tapiwazuze.com)

You Get What You Tolerate


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