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HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Bishop Pride Sibiya and The Traits Approach To Leadership (Part 1 of 2)

His Grace; Bishop (Apostle) Pride Sibiya; celebrated his 41st birthday on September 5, 2019. Having recently been ordained and consecr...

Bishop Pride Sibiya and The Traits Approach To Leadership

His Grace; Bishop (Apostle) Pride Sibiya; celebrated his 41st birthday on September 5, 2019. Having recently been ordained and consecrated into the Bishopric office; his journey has been long and challenging to reach this Promised Land.

There is a billion-dollar question at the back of people’s minds that needs to be addressed. The question revolves around: What has aided Bishop Pride Sibiya’s progressive transformation from being an ordinary rural boy who hails from Chipinge (Zimbabwe) to become a highly sought-after global minister of the word. What has transformed the once sickly young boy into a global orator whose virtual online presence has transcended and changed all the four corners of the planet earth? How does he manage to captivate virtual global audiences with large followings in Ireland, United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia, United Kingdom, South Africa and Nigeria to mention but a few? What makes one to be such an effective global leader and trendsetter?

I am going to endeavour to answer this billion-dollar question with special reference to The Traits Approach to Leadership. Ralph Stogdill, Michael Lombardo and Morgan McCall identified several traits that all effective leaders are deemed to have in common. I have selected twelve of them, split into two articles; as I explore the life of a man who is poised to impact the current and future generations. Though Bishop Sibiya is primarily a man of serious spiritual devotion, prayer and faith in God; the following traits have pushed his star to the top echelons of earthly leadership.

1. Self-Confidence:
Self-confidence is arguably the most fundamental trait that every serious leader needs in order to captivate, maintain and sustain their audiences. You have to show your listeners and followers that you are confident in what you are doing! Bishop Sibiya is one such man. He speaks with deep confidence both on the pulpit and public space.

2. Knowledge of Business:
There is a symbiotic relationship that exists between self-confidence and knowledge of business. The more knowledgeable one is, the more confident they become on public forums. Without any shadow of doubt, Bishop Sibiya knows and understands his apostleship calling; and the mandate that God gave to him concerning Glory Ministries.

3. Good Interpersonal Skills:
When you are a good leader; it is important that you be good in listening, communicating and negotiating with your subordinates. Even if you make the final decision which is not positive to your followers; but how you handle the entire process of conversing has a huge bearing on losing or retaining their honour and respect. Bishop Sibiya possesses good interpersonal skills.

4. Flexible and Adaptable:
Having travelled a lot with my father, I have learnt the art of being flexible and adaptable to any situation and environment, as long as it does not violate the cardinal rules of one’s faith. Bishop Sibiya eats what other people eat; sleeps where others sleep; greets everyone with respect and honour.

5. Initiative:
One of the greatest initiatives of Bishop Sibiya is the social media take-over concept. He is one man who has transformed the social media into a powerful pulpit with reverberative success! His virtual church following is by far bigger and wider than Glory Ministries; the church he founded in 2001. Bishop Sibiya’s initiatives are premised on the ‘Jesus way of doing things’. A serious leader should go where followers are; and the largest crowds are found online. What an initiative; and it has paid huge dividends.

6. Integrity:
It is practically impossible to grow and sustain a genuine ministry when you are a person of questionable traits. We have witnessed many churches ‘growing’ rapidly through artificial miracles, signs and wonders. We have also seen the same churches collapsing monumentally once people discover the real truth about them. Bishop Sibiya is one man whose integrity has sustained his steady rise to the top. Some shadow enemies have tried to soil his name with unfounded accusations; but his honest living has been the chief advocate amidst his adversaries.

Bishop Pride Sibiya is the Founder, President and Presiding Bishop of Glory Ministries. Glory Ministries, headquartered in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe; was established in 2001. It has now grown to more than 100 assemblies in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa and beyond.

Watch out for Part 2 of the article.
Written by Tapiwa Zuze (
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Bishop Pride Sibiya and The Traits Approach To Leadership

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