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Defending The Anointing – Part 7 | Accompany Your Lead Pastor On Local Ministry

Bishop Pride Sibiya has been in the trenches ministering the gospel for over two decades now. He is the Founding President and Presiding...

Bishop Pride Sibiya has been in the trenches ministering the gospel for over two decades now.

He is the Founding President and Presiding Bishop of Glory Ministries. Amongst his many sons and daughters; I have been priviledged to directly manage and administer him since July 2013.

Apostle B. Java

He triples up as my Lead Pastor, District Pastor; and Bishop of Glory Ministries. In addition to that, he has numerous outside engagements; both at ministerial and professional levels.

Bishop Pride Sibiya is a married man with three daughters. His immediate family broadens up to include his biological mother, sister siblings, in-laws, close relatives and many other dependents who also live with him.

It is a herculean task to manage a Kingdom General of that magnitude. It calls for much more dedication, service and sacrifice. What I am going to share in this article series is informed by both experience and revelation.

7. Accompany Your Lead Pastor On Local Ministry:
As an individual, one of the most encouraging things you can do for your lead pastor is to accompany him as he does pastoral visitations. There are many things that he may encounter as he does the shepherding responsibilities. These include, among others:
  • People manifesting demons and becoming violent. He may fail to handle such people alone once they become physically confrontational. In worst case scenario; he could be badly injured in the tussle.
  • Meeting people of the opposite sex who could be aiming to seduce your lead pastor. And because he is also human, he could possibly fall for their gimmicks. Your presence acts as the control measure to safeguard your lead pastor.
  • Your lead pastor could fall sick or experience a car breakdown along the way. It would be extremely embarrassing to find such a respectable leader under the car in his ministerial collar. Your presence enlightens that burden.
  • Your lead pastor could be having real or perceived enemies. And some people are so unscrupulous that they might be after scoring points against him. Your presence may act as a deterrent to any possible physical or verbal attack.
Apostle B. Java

May God bless you in your service as you defend the anointing.

Tapiwa Zuze –

Tapiwa Zuze is the Senior Administrator at Bethel Worship Centre; under Glory Ministries. He is the Administrator of his Spiritual Father and Lead Pastor; Bishop Pride Sibiya and Pastor Anna Tendayi Sibiya. To learn more, you can contact him on his website – – or email address – His contact numbers are +263773242721 (Zimbabwe) or +263719242741 (Zimbabwe). This article series is a summary extract from his oncoming book on managing and administering servants of God.

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