Creating Your Own Happiness – Part 3 | Enjoy The Journey

Creating Your Own Happiness – Part 3 | Enjoy The Journey

A lot of us tend to delay our happiness and joy in life because we are waiting to achieve big things before we graduate into the perceived realm of happiness.

We are waiting to get married to a gorgeous woman or handsome man; have beautiful and intelligent children; getting employed into a highly paying job; build a big house in low density suburbs; graduate from university with a first class degree; win an Olympic gold medal; fly in a Boeing 747 jumbo-jet; and many other insatiable dreams.

Some people have even gone on to the extreme end of denying themselves any earthly joy and happiness on the pretext that “they are waiting to die and go to heaven!”

Really? What a sad way of living!

Get accustomed to learn to enjoy the journey and not wait to reach the destination. Every day of your life, get up from your bed, pray to God for daily blessings and get ready to enjoy what you are offered by that day. If it is positive celebrate; if it is negative learn the life lessons and move on.

Creating Your Own Happiness – Part 3 | Enjoy The Journey

You need to celebrate along the journey even if you achieve what you think are small things. Those deemed small things may actually represent someone’s lifetime happiness somewhere. So don’t underestimate anything that life throws into your hands. Celebrate throughout the journey.

The danger of waiting for the so-called big things is that they may never cross your path anytime soon, if ever they will. You have no idea what God has purposed for you in life. You might actually be delaying your happiness and joy on things that will never be yours. Look at the glass as half-full not half-empty. A bird in hand is worth more than ten in the bush.

Life is like a marathon. Don’t wait for the finishing line of the race to begin your enjoyment; but run along with others celebrating throughout the entire route.

Put yourself in your own calendar, and enjoy every date as it comes through.

May God bless you as you run your own race. Enjoy your journey my friend!

Tapiwa Zuze –

Creating Your Own Happiness – Part 3 | Enjoy The Journey

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