A Letter To Myself – Understanding The Realities Of Life

Tapiwa Zuze (www.tapiwazuze.com)

Dear Self!

Please stop going back to the same people who keep on hurting you.

You removed them in your life for a genuine reason.

Yes, they may keep knocking on your door; but you don’t have to keep opening it.

Every time you do so, they repeat the same cycle and hurt you even more.

You deserve to be treated with respect and honour.

Even though no one is perfect under the sun, but people who continuously hurt you will never give you a chance to heal.

Though it will not be easy because of strong bonds that exist between you and them, but you will find the strength and solace to heal along the way.

Better be hurt for a moment and live a free and happy life afterwards.

It’s now time for you to learn to let go of such people.

Do it, for yourself and your destiny!

These people are not meant for you.

Their mandate is to keep hurting you at their pleasure.

Please, let them go!!

Trust me, I know you more than anyone else.

With love


Tapiwa Zuze (www.tapiwazuze.com)


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