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WARNING: Seven Dangerous Behaviours of Prideful People

God sternly warns us against the harbouring pride in our hearts and lives, because it always precedes destruction (Proverbs 16:18). No mat...

God sternly warns us against the harbouring pride in our hearts and lives, because it always precedes destruction (Proverbs 16:18). No matter how gifted you are; pride will kill all your plans and ambitions. A prideful leader is a dangerous thing!

WARNING: Seven Dangerous Behaviours of Prideful People
All of us need to wrestle pride out of our zones! Below are the seven dangerous behavioural aspects associated with prideful people.

1. Refusing to listen to advice from others: Proud people “know it all”. Of course, not really, but it's often their perception of reality. Pride causes one to believe they know more than they actually do. Sadly, their attempt to perpetuate the perception of superiority causes them to ignore the wisdom of others.

2. Making excuses for mistakes: Proud people refuse to admit their errors. They scoff at any insinuation a mistake was theirs and refuse ownership of the team's failures. It's always someone else's fault when goals aren't reached, mistakes are made or momentum stalls. They don't learn from times of failure – they try to hide them.

3. Protecting position at any cost: Proud people try to keep others from gaining power or influence. They limit people's exposure and stifle leadership development. They tend to curtail information and keep power within an arm's length of their control.

4. Taking complete credit for a team's success: There is only one clear winner on a proud leader's team ... the proud leader! Proud leaders take the microphone first. They have their name on every award. They keep the prime, attention-gaining assignments for themselves. They make sure they are in the "right place at the right time," so no one steals their potential for applause.

5. Failing to see personal shortcomings: The proud person becomes immune to his or her own deficiencies. Pride keeps them from getting honest assessments about their weaknesses with anyone, including themselves. Proud people are careful to present themselves as flawless, whether in personal appearance or job performance. They may go to extreme measures to cover up any hint of an insufficiency.

6. Solicit grandstanding on their behalf: You'll know about a proud person’s accomplishment. They'll be the first to start the cheers on their behalf. Proud people say things which promote the receiving of positive encouragement or feedback. They've been known to stage things so it doesn't look like they initiated the recognition.

7. Removing God from the supreme position: Of course, this is the most dangerous behaviour of them all! God is supreme, regardless of the circumstances; but the ultimate danger of a person struggling with pride is their attempt to remove God from the equation of success. Proud people refuse to submit to the will of God, preferring to chart their own path. They always believe things happen because of their natural abilities. What a fallacy!
WARNING: Seven Dangerous Behaviours of Prideful People

Everyone who harbours chances of future genuine success and recognition, should guard against these dangerous behaviours. They erode the entire potential, and leave you grounded! Remember, pride precedes falling! Simply guard against falling victim.

Original article written by Ron Edmondson

Adopted and edited by Tapiwa Zuze

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