No to the Gospel of Condemnation | Apostle Pride Sibiya


The gospel of condemnation does not help anyone in this world! 

No to the Gospel of Condemnation | Apostle Pride Sibiya

All people from all walks of life who are living sinful lives already know that they are prostitutes, Satanists, thieves, witch-doctors, drug addicts, sorcerers, drunkards or murderers. They are fully cognisant of their shortcomings before the throne of grace. So don’t be in the habit of trying to remind them of their transgressions. Doing so will worsen their situation, and they will shy away from you. 

You cannot change someone by insulting or condemning their ways of doing things. Instead the world is looking for believers who will say though my friend you are a prostitute or drug addict; but Jesus Christ, whom I believe and follow, requires that I love you the way you are. This is the Jesus who died on the cross to save all of us from the hell fire. This is the Jesus who loves us beyond any measure. 

The love that proceeds out of God will conquer the world. You cannot make it to the throne of grace without practicing love! 

When people meet you in the walk of life, they must see the same Jesus through your life. Before you do anything, always ask yourself: “If it was Jesus in my shows, what was he going to do?” The answer you get from there should inform your next course of action. 

Let us love one another. With love, we will conquer the world. 

Tapiwa Zuze

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